About Cars


The first ever car made was called the automobile and was made by Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot who is a french man. The car he invented has three wheelsand used steam as fuel, the automobile can travel at around 4km/p (2.5 mph), the automobile was made in 1769.

Cars that make the most money

You may think that the expensive cars are making the most money like Lamborghini, Ferrari, Masterati, Porcshe and Mercedes Benz etc. But Toyota is the company that makes the most money by selling the most amount of cars.

Car Designs

Car designs are important to some people because they want a car that are cool. In my opinion i think cars that have sharp curves looks nice.

Example of cars

Most expensive car

If you didn't already know the most expensive car is the lamborghini veneno that starts at 5.3 million. The Bugatti veyron super sport was the most expensive at 4 million until the veneno was made.

Unique cars

There are many unique cars but their are three that I think are unusual. The three cars that have a one of a kind engine, one if them is the smart car that has a 3 cylinder engine. The other car is the Audi TT that has a 5 cylinder engine. Lastly the bugatti veyron that has a v16 engine (also known as w8). Most cars are 4 cylinder but there are some that have v6 (6 cylinder),v8 (8 cylinder), v10 (10 cylinder) and v12 (12 cylinder), the higher the number the faster the car.

Electric cars

Electric cars are simply a car that only uses electric. The fastest electric car at the moment is the Rimac Automogili that is a concept. One of a normal electric car that you can soon buy is the Nissan leaf.

Nissan Leaf

The Nissan leaf is a full electric motor that can travel up to 170km in a full charge. To charge the car there are 3 different charges to use that are, quick charge, normal charge, trickle charge.

Hybrid cars

Hybrid cars are cars that use both petrol and electric to power the car. A we'll known hybrid car is the Toyota Prius but a sports hybrid car is the Jaguar C-X75.

Jaguar C-X75

The Jaguar C-X75 cost $1,572,500 in Australian dollar but the car's production of this car is cancelled. The car's engine has an electric-gas engine, that means that it is an electric engine but the petrol makes the electric.

V-tec/ Turbo

V-tec is an unique part of Honda which is the creator of v-tec. V-tec is a natural thing which is as fast as most fast cars that has a turbo. Turbo and v-tec act similarly, a turbo is a forced induction so that means that it is not natural. The turbo activates a turbine to compress the air going into the cylinders. After the is compressed in the cylinders the air escapes the cylinder so there is more space for air and fuel. When the fuel goes into the cylinder it makes a huge boost just like v-tec. V-tec is natural because it uses the same parts as a car with no turbo, it is just how you arrange the parts and how the part is used.
HONDA V-Tec Operation

Why I like cars

I like cars because they are a common transport vehicle and you can do cool stuff with them. An example of what you can do with cars is use it as a normal vehicle or you can mod it (modify) and make it a drift car, it is also cheap to mod if you can find a cheap and still in good condition car and parts.
Mighty Car Mods 180SX Reveal