Best and worst of 2015

Three companies that marketed themselves the best

Nike had some of the most creative ads this year. They used kids in some, and combined many professional sports into one. Next up, Under Armor. They are the fastest growing company in sports and for good reason. Another fast growing company is Tesla. They provide environmentally friendly luxury cars. The sleek design is a sight snatcher and now they are becoming more affordable for the middle class.

Best Products in 2015

1st on the list is the Apple Watch. It puts a new spin on Apple products and opens up a new world of technology. You can expect every loyal Apple fanboy/girl to be repping one of these in 2016 and beyond. Next up and also from Apple... Apple Pay. This is an innovative alternative to cards, by keeping the information on your phone. It is a safer way to keep your info. and is like most online wallet systems
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Movies 2015

Obviously without a doubt Star Wars was the best movie of 2015. It broke many records in a miniscule amount of time. The long awaited movie was a huge hit to fans and newcomers and stole the show...literally. Next is Straight Outta Compton. This was a great film and appealed to all the rap and hip hop junkies everywhere. The film featured many artists that pioneered the industry and made it what it is today. It was a history lesson in a urban movie. Truly a masterpiece.
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