Storytelling ideas

Reading opens your mind

Great stories for children

Many authors write stories for children but only a a few are in connection with the magical world of a kid. Creativity and imagination are essential and some authors understand this in a very simple writing introducing beautiful and colourful pictures.

Children love this books and they will remind in their heart forever.

Amazing Books

Authors like Eric Carle, Leo Lioni, David Shannon are so effective.Children love their books,learn a lot and the most important thing is that they enjoy reading .Nowdays that most kids appreciate only technology products bringing back reading is fantastic!

Making the difference

When your students enjoy your class and get involved in a reading project you will notice the difference . Stories are the difference!!!! throughout they can use their knowledge in a very simple and effective way. They can use what they learn. They find out that learning is important when they can recognize vocabulaty,grammmar patterns , etc...