Namib desert beetle

Namib desert beetle

Also called the stenocara gracilipes or the Fogstand Beetle, is a species of beetle that is native to the Namib Desert of southern Africa which is very dry. The beetle is able to survive by collecting water on its bumpy back surface from early morning fogs.


My inspiration for biomimicry is definitely based upon animals. Its very interesting to me how adaptable and smart animals are. It seems the animals always find a way. I really wanted to base my project on animals because of how diverse and in touch animals are with everything like nature and survival.


How could you provide fresh, clean water, particularly in dry environments is my question I am trying to solve. My take on this problem is a type of coating or skin for diffrent types of surfaces. We have a major water crisis in places even like California.

my idea

My design is a nano scale bumps on pretty much a sheet that can be applied to different surfaces to collect water. What is helpful about this is you can make different places to apply and have the water go in a collection or filtration system. This could be so helpful to any place of water because of the applications you could put this on. We could make huge elevated platforms at different angles and pitches to collect and have the best chance to collect the most water.

Life's Principles

Biomimicry is an approach to innovation that seeks sustainable solutions to human challenges by emulating nature's time-tested patterns and strategies. The goal is to create products, processes, and policies—new ways of living—that are well-adapted to life on earth over the long haul. the definition from the internet is very true. I feel like biomimicry is a very human helpful based. We have been trying to emulate any nature we can and we have been able to benefit from this. My definition would definitely be: The copping and trying to benefit in anyway shape or form from nature. Some examples would be making the sharkskin swimsuit or the boat protection or the shark skin door know or any type of surface using the shark skin germ resistant coating.

My idea seems like the best out of all the ones I compared. My idea really did well on all the categories. My idea is very able to adapt and still be relevant. The good part about my project is there are so many ways this could be applied. You could always put this sheet or skin on houses or trees or on hills etc. The product would be a very in-expensive way to collect water, depending on how they are manufactured. the product could be very affordable for places like Africa or other dry places. it could really help diffrent places grow and develop because of all the diffrent applications. it could be very attuned because there could be kits or plans to put these panels to use. There isn't really any concerns with the environment we could use recycled or very readily available materials.

This product could really help people. If there are people in need of water we could help them. My project does well on the scale because it is helpful, easy, and beneficial to society. This could also help others get interested in biomimicry. if this could help others get interested in biomimicry we could solve a lot more problems using nature and animals.

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