Aquatic biome

presented by:Anna and jennifer

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What type of live fresh water biome?

many animal beside fish live in fresh water biome.this include crocodiles,hippopotamus,turtles and frogs.fresh water biomes ares the fish water subdivide into three groups;lakes and ponds,river and streams and wetland.

What animals that live in the aquatic biome

Marine mammals.whales,dolphins,walruses,manatees, dugongs, seal and sea otters are all mammals that live int the ocean.some like seals and sea otters,can also live on land,but they they don't spend most of their time under water.

Location of aquatic biome

The fresh water biome is of significant impotence in the world, yet so many fail to relive its importance. These biomes consist of small bodies of water,such as creeks,lakes,streams and rivers.

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