Camden and Antonio

What is a forest/wildfire?

A forest/wildfire is a fire that is out of control. It can be caused by arson, lightning, volcanoes, and human carelessness. Most ecoregions of TX have experienced wildfires. It burns down trees and plants then those can be taken away by wind.

Awful or Helpful?

A fire can kill things, such as people, plants, animals, and insects, it can also destroy some houses and habitats. However it also restores nutrients to the soil, lots of farmers with a lot of land use "controlled fires" to restore the nutrients to the soil.

The Big Burn of 1910

The Big Burn of 1910 was located in Idaho and Montana. It burned 3,000,000 acres of land, killed 85 people, and burned down alot of houses. That is one crazy fire!