West Central Iowa Tech Institute

Join us at Coon Rapids-Bayard CSD on Wednesday, October 30th

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Schedule of Events

7:45 - Breakfast

  • Sponsored by the Coon Rapids-Bayard Education Foundation

8:30 - Shannon Miller, Keynote Address

9:30 - Session #1

10:30 - Session #2

11:30 - Lunch

12:45 - Session #3

1:45 - Session #4

2:45 - Session #5

3:40 - Dr. Scott McLeod, Closing Keynote

Session Format

  • 30 minute Focused Lesson
  • 20 minutes of Guided Instruction/Collaborative Learning

Where is CR-B?

Wednesday, Oct. 30th 2013 at 8:30am

905 North Street, Coon Rapids, IA

Shannon Miller, Keynote

Two words come to mind after spending time talking to Shannon McClintock Miller and reading her website and blog posts: change and voice. Change, as in fundamentally changing the way schools operate. And voice, as in listening to what kids have to say and giving them the tools to broadcast their ideas far and wide.

Come learn how you can do the same at your school!

Session Topics


  1. Literacy for productive citizens, tools to empower students & reveal student genius.
  2. Digital Storytelling in the Elementary Classroom: Participants will examine tools to engage students in the practice of digital storytelling.
  3. Vocabulary worksheets, NO THANK YOU - engage students in meaningful learning by utilizing photography and augmented reality to capture understanding.


  1. Review of Go Math online components for students and teachers.


  1. DE Science - using the AEA Resource DE Science to connect all content areas.
  2. Innovative Technology with Science Inquiry- using Science Probes and simulations to develop a deeper understanding of Science.

Communication & Collaboration

  1. Learn how collaborating with other teachers can benefit you and your students. Explore a model that connects job-alike teachers from across Iowa working together to develop conceptual-based, blended e-curriculum that is student-centered and technology-rich.
  2. Students will collaborate via social networks and cloud-based tools such as: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest. Digital citizenship and learning outcomes and assessment using social media will also be addressed.
  3. How do you and your students connect with others about things you/they are passionate about? Explore various tools such as Twitter, Pinterest, Blogs and more to connect with others across the world.
  4. QR Codes - tools for easy access and communication.
  5. Cultivating student collaboration, using Google Docs to extend your classroom.
  6. Get students to produce, publish, and collaborate - how you can use your MacBook or Chromebook to reach students.
  7. Inspire students into action, see how to use digital technologies (blogging, gaming, etc) to engage students in their communities and connect globally.

Critical Thinking

  1. Computational Thinking- using Scratch to promote deeper understanding of any concept.
  2. Learn how to connect media to images to take students and parents to the media resources that support learning. This session will look at sharing information with mobile users (Android, iPad, iPhone, ect).

Student Assessment

  1. Interested in obtaining authentic feedback from students? Use Flip Grid and Padlet to conveniently get student feedback.
  2. Gathering benchmark data as aligned to the Common Core, to identify student learning needs. (PLATO)
  3. How to diagnose student learning needs, and prescribe lessons to meet individual student needs. (PLATO)
  4. Interested in finding and using data tools to support student engagement, problem solving and critical thinking? Free Web 2.0 tools to gather data, view data, analyze data and share results with others.
  5. Google Apps for Formative Assessment: Participants will identify strategies to use Google Apps for ongoing, formative assessment and reflection. Basic knowledge of Google Apps is preferred.

Efficiency - using what you already have

  1. MacBook Basics - how to navigate your new MacBook Air.
  2. Using interactive whiteboards to support instruction and the Universal Constructs in the elementary classroom. (iPad and web-based applications).
  3. Engage students by utilizing your digital whiteboard (Middle School & High School classrooms).
  4. More than just drill and kill, how you can use an iPad to engage students and accomplish your learning targets.
  5. Online Databases - tools for differentiation

Program Assessment

  1. How can you fully leverage your 1:1 initiative to promote college readiness?
  2. Moving past 1:1 and moving into connected learning.
  3. Using the Horizon Report and the Hype Cycle to guide technology adoption is key for your school. These reports provide relevant information about mainstream technology adoption that can both save money and help schools anticipate the not new technology trends right around the corner. Participants will engage in a brief study of both reports before having time to create a forecast for their school regarding technology adoption.

Confirmed Presenters

Keynote Speakers

  • Shannon Miller, Teacher-Librarian, Van Meter CSD
  • Dr. Scott McLeod, Director of Innovation, Prairie Lakes AEA

School District Leaders

  • Trent Grundmeyer, Carroll HS & Drake University
  • Michael Lewis, IT Director, Coon Rapids-Bayard CSD
  • Josh Ehn, K-12 Principal, Melcher-Dallas CSD
  • Jamie Fath, Technology Integrationist, Southeast Polk CSD

Technology Integrationists

  • Steven Hopper, Instructional Technology Consultant, Heartland AEA
  • Leslie Pralle-Keehn, Instructional Technology Consultant, Prairie Lakes AEA
  • Rob Kleinow, Instructional Technology Consultant, Heartland AEA
  • Denise Krefting, Instructional Technology Consultant, Heartland AEA
  • Lynn McCartney, Instructional Technology Consultant, Heartland AEA
  • Nancy Movall, Online Learning Specialist, Iowa AEA
  • Erin Olson, Instructional Technology Consultant, Prairie Lakes AEA
  • Billy Pugliese, Education Consultant, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
  • Tony Skauge, Education Consultant, Edmentum Online Programs
  • Deb Vail, Instructional Technology Consultant, Heartland AEA
  • Travis Wilkins, Instructional Technology Consultant, Heartland AEA