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Resources and Economy

Q:Do Brazil's natural resources affect how they live? Describe

Brazil has some common natural resources. Some natural resources that Brazil has are iron, steel, chemicals, text tiles,clothing, and cement. Major industries have been developed by using natural resources. Many people have jobs working in these industries developed with the list of natural resources above.


Did Brazil wining its independence from Portugal affect their lives today?

Brazil gained its independence from Portugal. After Brazil gained their independence from Portugal they became a European nation. During the time when Brazil was gaining their independence was held in Rio de Janeiro. Rio de Janeiro was the old capital and was moved because of the war occurring in 1822. In 1808 when the Portuguese royal court transferred itself from Portugal to Brazil, Rio de Janeiro became the chosen seat of the court of Queen Maria I of Portugal. The Brazilian's new capital is Brasilia.


How do Brazil's landforms affect how they live? Describe

One example of a land form located in Brazil is the Amazon rainforest. The Amazon rainforest is facing the process of deforestation. Deforestation is the of cutting down trees which leads to the lack of oxygen and habitats for animals. The Amazon Basin has at least 2,300 mm of rainfall each year, and the rainfall can reach up to 6,000 mm of rainfall each year which can cause flooding. The Amazon rainforest and many other places in Brazil have beautiful features like in the picture above. In the picture above you can see that there are waterfalls and beautiful grassy areas.


What unique things do Brazilian's do in their everyday routines? Describe

When the kids live in the middle class their aren't many chores for the children to do. However, that is not the same case for the kids that live in the lower class have chores to do. The chores they have to do are listed below

  • Cleaning
  • washing dishes
  • cook dinner
  • watch younger siblings
Every year they have the holiday Carnaval an annual festival held between Friday afternoon [51 days before Easter] and Ash Wednesday afternoon.Rhythm, participation, and costumes vary from one region of Brazil to another during Carnaval.

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