2015 Year and Review

By Liam Delahunty

Terrorist attacks on Paris

on November 13 a series of attacks were conducted by islamic terrorist in Paris. The attack killed 130 people and injured 368 others this event was important because a state of emeergency was declared and it was the most deadliest attack on Paris since World War II

Ronda Rousey gets knocked out by Holly Holm

On November 14 Ronda Rousey with 12 wins and 1 loses Fought Holly Holm who has 9 wins and 0 loses this event was significant because neither of the two had a single loss before the fight and Ronda Rousey is an Olympic athlete. the Fight ended in the second round when Holly holm kicked Ronda Rousey in the neck knocking her out

Kansas City Royals wins the 2015 world series

on November 2 the Kansas city Royals won the world series. Kansas City won 4 games on the 5th game of the series of 7 beating the New York Mets 7-2 in the 12th inning. This event was important because Kansas City hadn't won a World Series since 1985 against the St. Louis Cardinals

Steve Harvey announces wrong Miss Universe

Pope Francis visits the US