Eat Fruit

What fruits you should eat and why.

Açaí Berries

Açaí berries are a natural super-fruit. They have extremely high antioxidant levels. However because it's a very small berry, they're very hard to find fresh.


Mangoes can be surprisingly bad for you. There are about 46 grams of sugar in each one. Though it's not bad if you only eat them once in a while.

More Top Fruits

Do Not Drink Fruit Juice!

The truth about fruit juice

People often see fruit juice as something healthy. They fail to notice that it contains just as much sugar and calories as a soft drink. At the factories where fruit juice is made the juice is often stored in giant holding tanks for up to a year before it's packaged. This causes the juice to lose most of its flavour so the manufactures add flavour-packs to the juice to bring back the flavour that was lost during processing. Some of the lowest quality ones don't even resemble fruit juice at all, and are basically just fruit-flavoured sugar water.

Written by Daphne Saxon and Ada Marotzke