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August 26, 2022

Our Flight Pattern

Welcome to the E.H. Greene Intermediate School Newsletter! Every Friday, you will receive a weekly update about important information, dates, and the fantastic things going on in our school and community!

E.H. Greene Intermediate School

Address: 5200 Aldine Drive, Cincinnati, Ohio 45242

Office Hours: 7:30 am - 3:30 pm

School Hours: 8:00 am - 2:45 pm

Phone: (513) 686-1750

Attendance Phone: (513) 686-1707 or

Important dates for your calendar

Letter Days for the week of August 29-September 2, 2022:

Monday - A Day, Tuesday - A Day, Wednesday - B Day, Thursday -C Day, Friday - D Day

Important Upcoming Dates:

Monday, August 29-Transition Day (Students with Last Names A-K)

Tuesday, August 30-Transition Day (Students with Last Names L-Z)

Wednesday, August 31-First Day of School! (All Students)

Wednesday, September 7-PTO Welcome Back Meeting and Tour 7PM

Thursday, September 15-Curriculum Preview: 6-8 PM

Class Placement and Supply List

1. Please understand that student schedule's may seem confusing or different compared to elementary schedules for 5th grade parents or from last year's schedules for 6th grade parents. We assure you that we work with students on the transition days of August 29th and 30th for all students to be very comfortable with their schedule and to learn where/when they are supposed to be in their classes. We have an outstanding staff who are experts in making this process go very smoothly for students. We kindly ask that you reach out to your child's counselor ONLY if you see a class missing or an incorrect class schedule i.e. a student does not have a language arts class on their schedule or a student is signed up for band and they should be in orchestra.

2. Due to the scheduling program we use as well as our unique schedule, it may appear that your student has a bell/period where they are not going to class i.e. it will show bells/periods 1-5 and then bells/periods 7 and 8. You will probably wonder where is bell/period 6?! Do not be concerned or alarmed! That is not an error and we will ensure your student understands the process durign our transition days.

3. Please be aware that there is some shifting that goes on with scheduling during the remaining weeks before school. While we will not be shifting student teams and specials will only be added/dropped based upon scheduling errors, we do make occassional changes to what bells students have their academic classes. This is typically done to balance class size and other factors. You do not need to be concerned or worried about this. Yet, we felt it best to make you aware. For example, if you anticipated your student was going to have social studies first bell and science second bell and you find out when school starts that those have been switched, you needn't be alarmed.

Counselor Contacts:

Team Colors/HR Teachers

  • 6th Grade
  • White: Ahr, Dorko, McGranahan, Staggs
  • Purple: Davis, Harris, Schlager, Supinger
  • Blue: Bogdan, Burklow, Fox, Walter
  • Gray: Allred, Kelly, McCalla, Stanbery

  • 5th Grade
  • Red: Dunn, LaCalameto, Rapp, Tobergte
  • Yellow: Heckmann, Kelly, Lane, Wood
  • Green: Hallquist, Romito, Sandor, Stevens
  • Orange: Corich, Kinasewitz, Liu, Lopez

Click HERE for a printable version of the 6th Grade Supply List. Click HERE for a printable version of the 5th Grade Supply List.

General Music


If you did not select band, choir, orchestra or a combination of the above, your student was placed in General Music. General Music is a great survey course that introduces students to musical theory, concepts, and works to develop an overall appreciation and understanding of music.

Yet, many students are placed in this class who may prefer being in band, orchestra, and/or choir and either forgot to sign up for one of those classes or there was an error.

If this applies to you, please reach out ASAP to the following to rectify this situation!

Counselor Contacts:

Schedule Updates for the School Year

We are making some changes to the layout of our specials schedule for this school year.

  • Each student has a music bell. During the music bell students who take band, choir & orchestra classes will meet A-D days. Students who take 2 music classes will split time between the 2 classes during the A-D rotation. General music meets 2 days each A-D rotation and is paired with an additional day of STEAM and an additional day of PE. These classes (General Music, STEAM, and PE) are scheduled together, with no substitutions.

  • The second specials bell is filled with Art, PE , Multimedia, and STEAM that each meet one day per A-D rotation.

Below you will see a sample schedule showing the new format.

Big picture

Start of School and Transition Days

This school year, the district will provide students with a transition day. On Monday, August 29th, students with the last names beginning with A-K will come to the Greene School. Then on Tuesday, August 30th, students whose last names begin with L-Z will come to school. We will welcome all students on Wednesday, August 31, 2022.

At the transition day, your child can expect to participate in team building activities, get to know their classmates and teachers, learn about the school and see what classes they will take this year. When your child comes to the Greene School for the transition day, you can expect a typical school day to operate on regular school hours with transportation and lunch.

All students must be in their homeroom by 8:10 am daily and dismissal begins at 2:45 pm.

Delray Drive

Per our transporation department's request, PLEASE AVOID using this drive during arrival and dismissal times. Our buses travel from Greene to the Junior HIgh on this drive and use of this drive will significantly create traffic issues for yourself and our transporation department.

It is HIGHLY SUGGESTED that you would utilize Kenwood Road to Aldine Drive to arrive at school for car drop-off and pick-up. When leaving the school, turn RIGHT to avoid the congestion.

We appreciate your understanding and believe this will truly help accentuate our new building's traffic flow design to keep our bus traffic and car traffic separate.

Arrival and Dismissal Maps


A number of parents and students have reached out to us regarding pathways for Car Riders, Bus Riders, Walkers, and Bikers.

HERE is the guidance maps and information for each of those scenarios for how your student will arrive and/or dismiss from school. PLEASE look these over and review with your student to make sure they understand the pathways to travel.

Please reach out to any of the Greene School administrators if you have questions.

Locker Decorations

I have received some questions regarding students and decorating their locker. Please review the guidance below and discuss with your students. While this is the students' school, we also want to work to preserve the design and condition of the wonderful investment made by this community.

  1. Students should not place or decorate any part of the exterior of their locker.
  2. If a student wishes, they may place items on the interior surface of their locker.
  3. Those items attached in the interior of the locker must not use glue or adhesive mounting strips.
  4. Stickers should also not be used in the interior of the locker.
  5. No markers, pens, or painting should be used to mark the inside of the locker.
  6. Magnets or painter's tape are the only acceptable items to be used for any interior locker mounting.


Chromebook Warranty Program Updates

We have recently experienced some changes to how our student devices are covered under warranty. To streamline the warranty process for all students, starting with the 2022-23 school year, all students will be allotted $100 of repair, per year, following the fee replacement table below. If repair costs exceed the allotted $100, the remaining costs will be the responsibility of the parent/guardian/student.

Fee Replacement Table:

Device - $250 | Screen - $100 | Shell - $100 | AC adapter - $25 | Keyboard - $25 | Device Case - $20

Important Reminders:

  • Students must keep the school issued protective case on the device at all times.

    • Accidents happen. To better protect Sycamore Chromebooks and reduce the number of devices in need of repair, Sycamore Schools has invested in an “always-on” case. This case should not be removed for any reason. Any damage that occurs when the case is not on the device will be the responsibility of the parent/student/guardian.

  • Lost/Stolen devices are not covered under the annual $100 allotment.

    • Lost - full replacement cost is the responsibility of the parent/guardian/student.

    • Stolen - Devices reported as stolen outside of school require that parents notify police and provide a copy of an official police report to the school administration. Theft Inside school requires a letter signed by the parent/guardian and stating the date, time, location and description of the situation.

  • Manufacturer’s defects and issues will continue to be covered under the manufacturer warranty and will not have an impact on the $100 allotment.

My device is broken or not functioning correctly - what do I do?

If you have broken your device or it is not functioning correctly, please visit your school’s media center for additional assistance. Our team will troubleshoot the reported issue and if a fix is not immediately available, a loaner device will be provided.

See below for additional information regarding our steps and process for determining any fees associated with Chromebook damage:

Big picture

Curriculum Preview

Curriculum Preview will be on Thursday, September 15 , 2022. It will begin at 6:00 pm. This will be a virtual presentation by the teachers. More information will be coming soon!


We will have four conference dates: three in the fall and one in the spring. Our fall dates will be a mix of in-person and virtual as indicated below. Our spring date will be an in-person session. The fall dates will be student-led conferences. The spring date will be a teacher-led conference. Parents will sign up for the fall conferences through a coordinated process with teachers. Spring conferences will be requested by teachers for any student in their homeroom for which they or the team has concerns. Parents can choose to decline the conference. Of course, at any time we respect the right of parents to request a conference and will offer AM and team planning time to meet those requests.
    • 1st Date: November 7th (Monday) (Evening Conference-4:00-7:30: Virtual.
    • 2nd Date: November 10th (Thursday) Evening Conference-4:00-7:30: In-Person.
    • 3rd Date: November 14th (Monday) Evening Conference-4:00-7:30: Virtual.
    • 4th Date: February 16th (Thursday): Evening Conference-4:00-7:30: In-Person.

Transition to the Junior High

We will keep this section in the newsletter to share information about transition to the Junior High.

For Junior High Fall sports, please click on the link below for information about all the Sycamore JH Fall Sports.

Sycamore Junior High Fall Sports Start Dates 2022

From Child Nutrition

Child Nutrition Department Updates for the 2022-23 School Year

Free and Reduced Price Meal Applications

During the last school year, children and families benefited from no-cost school meals for all students, made possible by special permission from the United States Department of Agriculture. Unfortunately, these permissions have expired. Sycamore Community Schools and the Ohio Department of Education cannot extend the permissions for no-cost meals for all students.

School meals will still be available to all students; however, they will not be free to all students. Eligibility for free and reduced-price lunch is based on federal income guidelines or participation in other programs such as Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program and Ohio Works First.

To complete a Free and Reduced Price Meal Application online go to You will need to create a username and password if this is your first time filling out an application. Please keep this information for your records as you will reuse this annually. You will receive immediate approval/denial if you complete and sign the electronic application.

Translated forms and other information on filling out a free and reduced meal application can be found here.

Breakfast is served daily in each school in the cafeteria 15 minutes before school starts


Menus can be found HERE or through the Sycamore Community Schools App

  • Menus should be live by the week of August 22rd

Food Allergy Notification Form

  • The school’s Food Allergy Notification form and additional information can be found HERE

  • A form does not need to be filled out yearly, only as information changes BUT does need to be on file for a notification to be placed on the student’s school meal account

  • Contact with any specific questions on food allergies

Online Payments

Money can be placed on students' accounts if they wish to buy meals, a la carte entrees, snacks or drinks. LOAD MONEY ON ACCOUNT HERE or send cash or check in with your student to school. Checks can be made out to the Sycamore Child Nutrition Department.

Setting up Meal Restrictions on Student Meal Account

CLICK HERE to learn more about how to set up meal restrictions on your student’s meal account.

Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to keep up with our department, daily menus and more! @SycamoreCNS

Email Notifications

Information that is emailed to parents will automatically go to the Primary Parent as designated in Final Forms. If an additional parent/guardian is wanting to receive the school emails (such as the weekly newsletter) or anybody is having issues receiving the newsletter, please refer to the following typical problems and solutions:

  • The current, accurate email address isn't in ProgressBook. You need to update your email address in Final Forms as well as any additional email addresses that you would like to have receive communication.
  • The correct email address actually is in ProgressBook. Parent may not be getting emails because you've opted out from receiving messages from the district at some point in the past. This is actually incredibly common. If you believe this is the case, please reach out to our building directly and we will work on this issue.
  • The correct email address actually is in ProgressBook. School emails may be going to your spam folder.

Transportation Information

Bus Riders

You can check for your child's bus stop information by visiting the TRANSPORTATION PAGE. The transportation department will update this information. Bus Riders will be assigned to a specific bus in the morning and in the afternoon. Please keep in mind that we cannot make any changes to bus assignments at the school level. Students will not be able to ride another bus to a friend's home. If your child is a bus rider and you need to pick him or her up on a particular day, please let the office know by emailing a note to: "".

Car Rider Drop Off

Car riders will be dropped off by the main entrance no earlier than 7:15 via the traffic signs. In order to drop off students, parents should follow the main driveway to the drop-off zone. When directed, students from those cars that area in the designated area will dismiss and enter the building at one time. No cars will leave during this time. Then, when directed by staff, all cars in the designated area will leave. The next group of cars that are waiting in line will then be directed by staff to move to the drop-off zone. This process will be repeated throughout the drop-off timeframe.

Car Rider Pick Up

Dismissal begins at 2:45 pm. If your child is a car rider, please note that cars are not permitted on the lot for pick up until after 2:30 pm. In order to pick up students, parents should follow the driveway to the pick-up zone. When directed, students will be dismised to the cars in the designated area at one time. No cars will leave during this time. Then, when directed by staff, all cars in the designated area will leave. The next group of cars that are waiting in line will then be directed by staff to move to the pick-up zone. This process will be repeated throughout the pick-up timeframe.The process we use for car rider dismissal should allow all children to be picked up by 3:10 pm.

We will again be using the "Parent Pick up Tags" for Car Riders. All families will receive a numbered tag in the mail prior to the start of school.

Early Dismissal

If you have an appointment during the regular school day and need to pick your child up early, please notify the office in advance ("ehgattendance@sycamoreschools. org") , park in the visitor's lot and come into the main office. Be sure to bring an ID with you. Thank you.

Champions After School Care

Champions After School Care will not be held at Greene. Instead, Champions will take place at the 4 elementary schools. Parents can sign up for the Champions program that will be held at your student's previous (home) elementary school. The district will provide transportation from Greene to the elementary.

Parents will need to complete a Sycamore transportation form indicating that they will be going to an elementary school for After School Champions. Shari Paguette, director of the Champions programs, also requested that parents call her at at 513-680-2564 to confirm that their students will be attending a Champions program. She will then connect with our Bus compound to ensure transportation arrangements and will confirm registration with the families. Thank you.

Final Forms

Please check and update your student information on Final Forms.

As in the past, we need ALL parents or guardians to log into Final Forms and update any necessary changes for our 2022-2023 school year ASAP. That way, any potential issues/problems/questions can be addressed before our return to school at the end of August. Some forms require a student signature. You are required to sign the forms at the beginning of each new school year. A signature is also required after any update or as additional forms are added.

Please be sure to go to the "Transportation Information" section in Final Forms. Here you may give permission to those who may pick up your child from school, and designate emergency contacts. Please be sure to "check" all those who will be able to pick up your child from school. Thank you.

Parenting Plans/Copied on Correspondance

If appropriate, please provide the office with custody information and updated parenting plans for your child. Please indicate if you would like to be "copied on correspondence."

Activity Brochure

We are excited to release the Activity Brochure. These activities are a great opportunity for students to get involved and meet new friends. The sponsor of each club will come on our video announcements to share about the club and how to sign up a couple of weeks before they begin.

EHG Activity Brochure 2022/2023

Greene PTO

It was so wonderful seeing so many students and parents at Get Connected Day today! We can’t wait for a great school year in the NEW Building!

Please fill out the google form below to join the Greene School PTO. This is an annual membership so if you are returning to Greene please fill this out again. It’s important for all parents and staff to be a PTO member. There are no membership fees this year but we kindly ask that you consider donating to the PTO if you are able to do so. It helps us cover expenses such as the DirectorySpot App. We use this information to give you access to the Greene directory and only PTO members can vote and ask for gifting requests!

Please join today! There is a lot more information to come.

Kristy and Kristofer

Greene PTO Co-Presidents

Questions please email us at

PTO Membership Form

Greene School PTO Membership and Online Student Directory

The Greene Walk-A-Thon is back!

Friday, October 14th!

Be on the look out for more details to come. This is our big fundraiser of the year!

Save the Date!!

October 14

Looking for Walk-a-thon Sponsors! Does your family or business want to help Greene School PTO by sponsoring our annual Walk-a-thon? With your support we are able to provide t-shirts to all students and staff for simply registering!!!

Please contact

Walk-a-Thon Donor Letter

The Staff Appreciation Team needs your help!

We're hosting a welcome back breakfast for the wonderful Greene School staff on Friday, September 2. Please check out the sign up genius link below to see how you can help make this breakfast one that will make them feel appreciated as they start the new school year.!/showSignUp/20f094cadaa23a0f85-back

Helpful Links

Ms. Lopez (Orange Team: Science Subject Leader) found these super helpful technology tools. We thought you would enjoy and benefit!

Student/Parent Tutorials

Temporary Closing


The Playground Equipment will not be fully inspected until September 6th. Our earliest access will be on September 7th. We will keep you updated. We apologize for this delay and appreciate your understanding. Students will still have access to our blacktop for a variety of games.


Unfortunately, our exterior courtyards are not quite ready. We have a few tables to put together as well as some things that need to be finished (brickwork, covering some drainage areas, removing glass, etc.). I will let you know as soon as we can get these open.

Our plan is to allow two homerooms from every lunch to be able to use the upper courtyard once a week with a rain day built in to the week. In short, each student would have the opportunity to eat outside once a week. The upper courtyard has an ampitheather that will seat over 30 and we purchased two benches as well as three tables. This will also seat approximatley 30. The long-term plan is to hopefully add enough seating for an entire team to have seating usage.

The lower courtyard will have three tables and two benches as well and seat 30. This space is great for a class. We are also exploring adding some planter boxes for either herbs/vegetables/flowers that can be tended to by students.

Cincinnati Tennis Foundation

Cincinnati Tennis Foundation would like to invite members of your school community to join us for FAST Team Tennis on Saturday mornings starting in September.

Who: Grades 1-6

When: Saturdays, September 11 - October 16

What: FAST Team Tennis

Where: Withrow High School, 2488 Madison Rd.

Grades 1-2 - 9:00-10:00AM - Register Here

(Red Ball, Over or Under Net Rallies, 36' Court, Timed Quarters)

Grades 3-4 - 9:00-10:00AM - Register Here

(Red Ball, Over Net, 36' Court, Timed Quarters)

Grades 5-6 - 10:00-11:00AM - Register Here

(Orange Ball, Full 78' Court, Timed Quarters)

Please reach out if you have any questions.

We hope to see you soon!

Laura Overbeck


Cincinnati Tennis Foundation

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