Nazi Propoganda

Overview of Holocaust

The Holocaust was a rebellion where Nazis a gonv. in the 1920's and 1930's that hated the Jews( Jewism is a religion that people believed in). The Nazis hated the Jews and thought they shouldn't excised. One man started all of this, Adolf Hitler. A crazy man who drove the German people to hate Jews. This led to the deaths of 6 million Jews, and 5 million non-Jews. This led to 11 million dead after holocaust.
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definition/Background Informatoin

Leni Rifentahl was a German film maker, she mad movies or videos about how Jew are monsters and pigs who shouldn't excise. She also made the same thing, but she made videos about how Adolf Hitler was a supreme leader and that he was like a god. This is propaganda that led the the holocaust of 1933.

whats nazi propaganda

Nazi Propaganda is like the news but the news saying something against someone or something. The Nazis used news paper, rallies, posters, and radio for there sped of their propaganda.
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"propaganda" Hitler said in 1924. The Nazis spreaded there hatred many ways killing many Jews each time this happened this change everything since. Resources: (Edward Philips)Nazi Propaganda book


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