Cary Middle School

Colt Country

Cary Is Ready!

Cary teachers showed up for our Saturday festival in style! I truly appreciated the support after a long hard week. It was nice to see our students play, and the teachers play with them!

Thank you David Bates and funders for funding the Cary Festival!


Remember a few key items on the BEST DAY EVER!

  • This is a normal school day. You are teaching like you always do.
  • You will have visitors in and out of your room, as your do each day.
  • We will stay for 10 minutes, if we do NOT see TWO MRS within 10 minutes, we will come back, so we can see two.
  • That is all. Do not stress. We are all Rock Stars at Cary. We are now needing to learn how to meet the needs of students below level, so training is coming.

Lesson plans should be on your desk by 8:00am. That is a change from 4pm on Friday.