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Open House Sept. 9

You're invited to an Open House at Hunt Elementary on Tuesday, Sept. 9th, from 7-9 pm. Be sure to visit the school library while you're here and see the new book arrivals that might interest your child.

About Accelerated Reader

The purpose of Accelerated Reader is to provide your child with reading practice. It is not intended to replace the reading curriculum or other instructional materials. AR is a computerized program that will enable your children to select books on their reading level, read at their own pace, and take a comprehension quiz on the computer. Students are able to monitor their progress and see their improvement. Parents (or guardians) can also monitor their children's progress and reinforce their successes. In the next few days, you will be receiving a letter with instructions on how to log-in to Renaissance Home Connect (website for Accelerated Reader) and monitor your child's progress. In addition, you can choose to receive email notifications after your child has completed an AR quiz and check his/her results.

Teaching Children to Read is a Team Effort

Your child's reading ability is very important to us. Please help us help your child to become a strong reader.
Here's how you can help:
1. Encourage your child to bring home a library book every day.
2. Listen to your child read and ask questions about the book.
3. Read-aloud to your child.
4. Talk about books.
5. Celebrate every success! (like learning to read a new word or finishing a book)
6. Most importantly, become partners with your child's teachers, librarian, and principal.

We can work together to help your child be a successful reader.


Library Manager

Jackie Stall
805 N. Hunt
Cuero, Texas 77954
361/275-1900 ext. 516

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District Library Coordinator

Cat Haley
608 Junior High Drive
Cuero, Texas 77954

Print Awareness

Research shows that most of the time when adults read to children, children are not looking at the printed word, but instead at the pictures or something else. According to one website, parents can emphasize the printed matter by "pointing to letters or words on the page" or talking about the print.

Here are some tips to help your child become more aware of the print:
Ask your child if he/she can find the capital letters on the page, or show your child what a period or a question mark looks like. Ask if they know any of the words on a page.

One researcher reported in the journal Child Development that "when preschool teachers drew students’ attention to print while reading to them, the children’s skills in reading, spelling and comprehension improved. These positive results were long-lasting, too, still showing up a full two years later."


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