Jackie Robinson

Robinson's Goal


Robinson's upbringing

-Born January 31, 1919

-Found sports made him friends

-Multisport athlete in college (UCLA)

-Served in the U.S. for two years after college

-Honorably discharged

-Started career with the Kansas City all black baseball team

-Signed with Dodgers in 1946

-Married Rachel Isum and had three kids

Obstacles Jackie encountered


-Discrimination in the Army/discharge due to skin color

-Racism/subjected to second class teams due to race

-Death threats

-Discrimination from teammates and fans

-Teammates petitioned against Robinson

Robinson's response to Life's challenges

-Refused to back down to racism in the Army

-He used his work ethic to achieve greatness, worked hard

-He took the chance of signing with the Dodgers, showed courage, knowing the possible problems

-Jackie used his athletic ability to respond to racism

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Jackie's Accomplishments

-He became the first black proffessional baesball player

-Broke the racial barrier in sports, led to other sprots acceptance

-Named Rookie of the year first year in pros, 29 stolen bases

-Named MVP in 1949

-Inducted into Hall of Fame in 1962

-Most importantly, set the stage for future breakdowns of discrimination