By: Amanda L 6th Period


Our wonderful people and land owners are known as Thai. Most of the people that live here still live in rural villages, but the economy is developing, and many people are moving to the city to get a job. The cities are rapidly expanding at a very fast pace and the largest city is the capital, Bangkok. Over 6 million people live in that one city, Bangkok. Bangkok is also the center of the economy, trade, and manufacturing. The economy that mainly goes through Bangkok is known for tin and precious gemstone exports. In the past Thailand was known as Siam, but in 1939 we offically took the name Thailand because of its majestic beauty. We are the only asian country that was never owned by any european country. The religion is mostly occupied by Buddhism and the government is greatly effected by that.

Thailand, it's land you'll love!


Thailand is a country in southeast Asia, east of Myanmar and west of Vietnam. To the southeast or south there is the south China Sea and to the southwest or south area there is the Andaman Sea. It is located at 15 degrees north and 100 degrees east. The south part is a peninsula, called the Malay Peninsula. The water that is most popoular is the Chao Phraya River, which flows through the central plains. Cloudy southwest monsoons come through during mid May to September. Cool, northeast monsoons come through from November to mid March. The southern isthmus next to Myanmar is hot and humid all year around.

People & Culture


Today, there are about 65,000,000 million citizens living in Thailand. Many immigrants have come from all over Asia, but most of us are from the ethnithicy of Thai. About 15% of our popoulation can be traced back to Chinese travelers and settlers. The Chinese immigrants that came in the early 1900s also adapted to Buddhism and the language of Thai. Though, most of the popoulation are the original Thai ethnithicy. Thai people follow the religion of Muslim and speak the language of Malay. Most of our Thai ancestors are from Laos. There is also a small minority known, that live with a agarian way of life.


If you were to come here and visit, there is some proper etiquite that you need to know, so you dont stand out or feel uncomfertable. Lets start with when you say hi to someone, you wei or do a prayer like gesture. When you congradulate kids, you should not pat any of the kids on the head, it is thought to hurt the well being of them. When you enter a house or temple, it is proper to remove your shoes before you enter. You will be concidered inproper, if you show too much emotion or loose your temper in public.


Most Thai people, are also buddhist which causes 85% of the population to be concidered buddhist. You can reconize a buddhist because most people in Thailand preserve houses and trees, to give them offering. The rest of our population is taken up by the 10% of muslims and other minorities. Even though, there have been christian misionaries in Thailand for many years, only 1% of the population are concidered christians.

Government & Citizenship


There are many parts to the Thailand government, and many people are contributes There are many people including, a king, a prime minister, a group of representatives, a national assembly, and a senate. We are ruled by the constitution that was created in 2007, but there is also a Prime Minister who is the head of the government. The king's job is to be the head of state. The prime minister is elected by the house of representatives, and can't serve for more than 8 years.The National Assembly consists of the Senate, whose 150 members serve six-year terms, and the House of Representatives, whose 500 members serve four-year terms.


We in Thailand, don't have many rights and they are trying to fix that. For now though, we have some basic rights, such as voting. To vote, you must be 18 and of the Thai nationality. If at one point you were not Thai, but have become Thai you must be Thai for 5 years before you can vote. Plus, you must have been a citizen for at least 90 days, until the election day. Education for kids in our country is very limited. Most kids, especially in North Thailand can't afford to go to school, but there is help. An organization called Foundation for the Education is a non-profit organization that gives scholarships to kids who can't afford school.



Our economy here is BOOMING and trade is very important. In Thailand the currency is called Baht and it comes in coins and bank notes. In America the normal business hours are 9-5, Monday-Friday. In Thailand, the average work hours are 8:30-6:30, Monday-Friday. The central bank in Thailand is the Bank of Thailand, what a surprise!


Here, our economy is based off of exporting goods with the principle of free trade. An effect of this is economy is 80% based off of how fast the manufacturing plants can produce. This does create many jobs for the people who normally don't have jobs. These are some of the products that have caused such a great economy, computers and electronics, furniture, garment, footwear, toys, gems, and jewelry. It isn't all export though, we also import goods. In 2011 we imported $200 million dollars worth of goods!