Texas by Cayden

About Texas

There are many cool facts.

Places to visit in Texas

Texas has many places to visit.One is dinosaur valley.Second is river walk.you can go to the state fair in Texas.You can go to a monster truck.You can go to a canyon in Texas. Thare are cool pleases to visit in Texas .

Land in Texas

Land in Texas!There are valleys out in Texas.Also There.There rich soil in Texas. There is war land in Texas in Texas you can see.You can go under ground out in Texas.thair are swamps in the forest they is creatures in the swamp. Texas's land is rilly cool stuff.

Texas History

Texas history is cool.Texas is the 28 state in the wold.Lots of people in the civil war.people got killed by the anther team in a rilly cool civil war.Texas has lots of stuff!