what was atlantis like?

their were great temples, palaces and harbours. their capital city was circular surrounded by rings that are joinded by huge bridges and tunnels.

where was atlantis?

the oldest greek legand described that it was out west in the middle of the sea but others say its in the middle of the mud flats in Spain.

How big is atlantis?

Atlantis is bigger than Libya and Asia combined.

why was it called atlantis?

the god Poseidon married a humam girl named Cleito and had two sons one of them was named atlas and they named the island atlantis after him and that is how atlantis got its name.

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many years pasted and the people of atlantis stoped acting like gods and started acting like mortal humans and all the goodness left their hearts and they became selfish and rude.the gods saw how rude and selfish they were acting and in a night and day sunk it to the bottom of the sea.


The book searching for Atlantis