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Foundations & Essentials Week 5, Challenge Week 7

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Challenge Overview for Week 7

  • Challenge II is conjugating verbs in Latin and continuing to read and discuss "How Shall We Then Live" by Francis Schaeffer.

  • Challenge I is reading sermons by Mather, Whitefield, and Winthrop, and discussing the "Dred Scott Decision".

  • Challenge B is practicing with Latin Adjectives, 1st and 2nd declension, and learning about Samuel Morse and creating their own message in Morse Code.

  • Challenge A is researching protozoa and algea, and reading "It Couldn't Just Happen" Chapter 7, which introduces the definition of the Theory of Evolution. Ask a Challenge A student for this definition in Community next week!


Essentials - The way we learn English Grammar and Writing is different than mainstream education. Here is a great video that will give you insight into the importance and art of diagramming. There is a second part to it that you can click on as well.

* * * * The Value of Diagramming * * * *

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Foundations: Digging Deeper at Home

Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire - visual of the geographic domination through the centuries

** Don't forget the Integration Section, p.199, in your Foundations Guide to match up the HIstory Sentence with the Timeline Cards.


Perspective Art

Director Spotlight: Renee-Michelle Kirk, Challenge A

This is Renee-MIchelle's 5th year tutoring the Challenge A Class in our community. She has homeschooled for 20 years, graduated 2 sons who are now in college, and her daughter Heather-Lynn is in Challenge II. She works at 24 Hour Fitness, all 5 members of her family play in a competitive Bagpipe band, with Heather-Lynn also being a competing Premier Highland Dancer. They travel regionally for competitions, mostly in the spring and summer. When they are not with the band, you can find them outside enjoying the Pacific Northwest; hiking, kayaking, climbing, spelunking or gardening.
Do you have a picture you want featured here? Send it to jenniferslemmer@comcast.net. *Due to volume, not all pictures can be posted *

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