Eisenhower Fly-er

September 10, 2017

Message From Mr. Holcombe

We hope this message finds you doing well and finds your student adjusting well to our new school year. As we continue through this year, please continue to ask your student about his/her daily routines. It is entirely natural to begin giving your student more responsibility to ensure his/her work is completed, etc. However, students in the 5th and 6th grade still need your guidance and reinforcement when it comes to study habits. As you know, they also need consistent focus and guidance on organization. These are things we work on daily at school and appreciate your continued emphasis on completion of work with excellent effort and organization.

To reinforce this with your child, there are several things you can do nightly that will be very helpful to your student.

  • Check his/her agenda book to see what assignments have been assigned.
  • Cross reference his/her homework folder with the agenda. Both should be brought home nightly and the homework folder should contain both completed work and work yet to be completed.
  • Sign your student's agenda.

All of your help is much appreciated and needed!

I am eagerly looking forward to our first EPSSO meeting Tuesday night at 6:00 in the Don Charlton Media Center. The first half of the meeting will focus on our philosophies here at Eisenhower. We have many founding ideas that I would like to share. This portion of the meeting will be about 30 minutes. The second half of the meeting will focus on goals for the year for EPSSO and on the development of committees. We will conclude the meeting at 7:00. We are looking forward to your attendance!

One of the highlights of the year for 6th graders is our annual Camp Michindoh trip. Please note that a link to camp information can be found below. iAs part of our preparation for camp, we offer a Car Wash fundraising opportunity for students. We are planning for the car wash to take place on the 16th. If there is a need, due to weather, to cancel the car wash, you will receive a Fly-er message. We want this to be a good, and safe, experience.

Please note that we will post Fly-ers and other important information on our school website under "News and Announcements".

Have a great week!


Tim Holcombe

Ike's First Movie Matinee is Coming!

We are very excited to announce our first Movie Matinee of the school year! On Thursday, September 21st we will present Boss Baby from 2:40--4:20 in the auditorium.

The cost is $5.00. The permission slip and $5.00 are due by September 19th. Registration after the 19th will be $8.00.

A flier is attached, as is a permission slip.

5th grade students will be picked up in the library and 6th grade students will be picked up in the Music Room or Band Room.

We would love to have your child join us!

Eisenhower's Request to Retest

At Eisenhower it is our belief that school is about learning and each of our students learn at his/her own rate. Mastery of the intended learning does not always occur at the time of the test. We wish to encourage students to continue to grow toward mastery by allowing students the opportunity to retest.

Students who may not have mastered the concept initially will be given the chance to work towards mastery. Students wishing to retest will be asked to complete the “Request to Retest” contract. Teachers will work with students to reteach and students must work to relearn before the retest can take place. Additionally, we will ask that parents sign the contract prior to the retest. The contract we will use is attached to this e-mail.

We understand that parents play a vital role in the education of their students and we appreciate your support!

Standards-Based Grading Links

Much work and planning has gone into the implementation of our SBG model here at Ike. As we progress, we will continue to supply you with additional information.

This week we would like to share with you rubrics and the parent handbook. As always, please feel free to call Tabatha Nadolny, our Curriculum Coach, at 419.836.8498, ext. 2005 with any questions you may have.

Rubrics can be found here.

Parent Handbook - more information available here.

Below are links to presentations by Jennifer Conkle, Oregon City School's Director of Teaching and Learning, on the introduction of Standards-Based Grading (SBG) at Eisenhower.



5th Grade Weekly Friday Folders

As part of our organizational system at Eisenhower, 5th grade teachers have traditionally sent home all papers for the week in the Friday folder. With Standards-Based Grading (SBG), we are keeping most of the practice pieces and formative assessments as eveidence to include with the summative assessments.

This will result in fewer papers coming home weekly. They will still come home, but they may be two or so weeks out.

Power School Grade Up-date Dates

With Standards-Based Grading, we continue to develop procedures for reporting through Power School. We are very pleased with the progress. Our teachers will be working on up-dating marks on September 18th. Posting will be done that week.

Below is our up-dated calendar of Power School Grade Up-dates:

1st Quarter

September 18

October 4

2nd Quarter

November 15

December 6

3rd Quarter

January 31

February 21

4th Quarter

April 16

May 7

Eisenhower Helping Hands for Houston

At Eisenhower we have a Helping Hands organization that will do projects throughout the year to benefit others. We are very thankful for the warm hearted students we have and want to continue to instill the concept of how important it is to help others.

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of next week the Eisenhower Helping Hands Committee will be collecting money donations in the cafeteria at lunchtime for Houston Hurricane Help. All the money collected here at Ike will be pooled with the money that is being collected in other Oregon City Schools to help the students at MacArthur High School in Houston, Texas.

The majority of these students were poor before Hurricane Harvey hit, and not they are facing the beginning of a new school year without the necessary supplies they need for success. We know that the strong, steady winds of kindness and compassion blow through the halls and classrooms of Eisenhower Intermediate School every day. Please consider sharing some of the Eagle spirit that floods your heart with the students at MacArthur who can certainly use our help.

5th Grade Parents: Please Save the Date!

Office Shaw hosts a DARE Halloween Costume Party each year and this year it will be on Saturday, October 21st from 6—9 p.m. The Costume Party will be held at Clay High School. Admission is $10 and there will be pizza, pop/water, candy, a DJ, a photo booth, prizes and fun provided.

The flier for the event is below. Next week we will send out the answers to some frequently asked questions.

Big image

Groove in the Grove

The best MULTI-GENERATIONAL, ADULT ONLY event is right around the corner…
SATURDAY, September 16th, 7p-midnight, GROOVE IN THE GROVE @ Oak Shade Grove.

PLEASE Join fellow CHS Grads for a fun evening. $15 gets you in and includes beer, soft drinks, and snacks. Also available cash bar & cash pizza, live band and DJ all night. Get off the couch, tell all your CHS friends, and get to the Grove.

Many class reunions are attending and the 1985 Championship football team and coaching staff will be there as well as some of your past teachers. Please support CHAFA!!

Big image

Other News

  • Just a reminder that the Dental Sealant Program through the Toledo Lucas County Health Department will be here September 7, 8 and 11 to serve our 6th graders. In order to participate, please fill out the form attached below and send it to the Ike Office asap.
  • Please remember that student drop-off in the morning must be after 7:20 as we do not have supervision until that time. Likewise, pick-up must be prior to 2:45.
  • The Marketing Class and Senior Class at Clay High School are promoting "Spirit Nights" at the Clay games this fall. Please see the list of themes for each week below.

Up-coming Events


11 STAR Verification Week

11 6th Grade Dental Sealants

12 EPSSO Meeting @ 6:00

13 Power School Grade Up-dates

16 6th Grade Car Wash 10 am—4 pm

18 No School – Staff Training Day

21 Movie Matinee after school @ 2:40—4:30

22 Oregon Branch Outreach at Lunch

23 6th Grade Car Wash Rain Date

25 1st Day of Monday Choir Club 2:45—3:30

27 Innovations Pictures Make-ups and Candids


2 Oregon Branch Outreach at Lunch

3, 4 5th Grade Band Rental Night 5:00--7:30

4 Power School Grades Up-dates

5 Young Authors Day Assemblies

9 Red Cross Blood Drive student presentations during Connections

11 EPSSO Meeting @ 6:00

16 Oregon Branch Outreach at Lunch

17 Fundraiser Magician Assembly Reward in pm

17 End of 1st Nine Weeks

20 Final 1st Quarter Grades Posted on PS

20 Final Camp Payment Due for $195

21 DARE Dance at Clay from 6:00--9:00

23 Red Ribbon Week

23 Book Fair Week thru 11/3