Summer Reading Project

By: Kenadie Potter

Character Analysis

Sherlock is a very smart boy for really any age. He will notice the little important things and can make good inferences. "They were odd; sometimes the footprints were pointed one way then sometimes another...Dancing, perhaps? No, that stupid. Dizzy?" page 68

Rising Actions

1) When he gets to the manor.

2) Sherlock went to Crowe for more information and advice.

3) They all started planning, plotting, and discussing what was going on.

Pages 19, 120, and 214


When Sherlock figures on the Baron is just a puppet "he was a puppet: a human puppet, entirely operated on others" "Release the bees from every fort...the uniforms will have been distributed. And then the confusion shall reign."

Page 269 and 261

Falling Action

"...before a gloved hand firmly pulled down the blind..." They had left him alone...for now.

Page 306


"...were still out there, and they would never rest. Which meant that he could never rest either." Neither of them would be able to rest until one of them won. Good or evil.


Keep trying again and again until you get it right no matter how hard or difficult things get.


The main settings where: the Holmes manor, the town, the 2 rooms the Baron was found in, and the streets/ tunnels of England.


Andrew Lane


Death Cloud by Andrew Lane is about Sherlock Holmes having to stay with part of his family he had never met for the summer. While he is there a few mysterious deaths happen. Has Sherlock investigates more he learns and meets new things. With the help of the friends he makes Sherlock Holmes might just figure out the biggest mystery he's ever seen.
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