Halo4 Forward into dawn

Sullivan & Lasky and others

About halo4 forward into dawn

The main characters are: Lasky, Sullivan,Master Chief, Vickers,Chen,Silva,ODST


This is Sullivan :)


This is Lasky:)

Humanity is at war

For generations, Humans traveled the stars and worked

Together to settle worlds under the banner of the United Nations Space Command.

Now that peace is shattered by insurrectionists, causing a galaxy-spanning civil war.

Cadet Thomas Lasky and his fellow students at Corbulo military academy now train

to make this war there future.

Forward into dawn movie

You can either buy it or you can go to YouTube and

Watch part #1 and #2 but not three and four.

You can buy it at Walmart for $14.83 dollars.

Did you know?

That there are halo games to this movie too!

Halo4, halo3ODST, halo3, Halo Reach and many others