Night of the twisters

By: Ivy Ruckman Project by: Stella Platt


This book takes place in Grand Island, Nebraska. Nebraska's state capital is Lincoln. The state bird is the western meadowlark. Some of the products they have their is corn,soybeans,wheat,and sorghum. One of the famous landmarks is the Platte river road archer way.


Me and Arthur where having a sleep over. We where watching TV and the news came on and said we where under a tornado watch. The tornado srienrs went off. Mom said " I am going too help Mrs. smiley" because she might have her hearing aids off. If it gets worse go get Ryan and go downstairs and get in the shower, because it is the safes place down stairs. Suddenly a loud noise started like a 100 frait train.I saw the tornado right in front of me. I said dear god please help me please. when it was over the hole house was gone! A few min. later Stacey came to help us get out. Roney Va few out the window Stacey said. we have to go find my mom and dad! we found my mom on are way to the help station. She said i am going too help Mrs. smiley. no! you an not go. we will be much faster. you take Ryan and go to k-mart, and we will go help Mrs. smiley. we got Mrs. smiley out pretty quick. we got took in a police car and another tornado hit while we where in the car. I had to drive us to the police station. Arthur and Stacey found their dad and a police person brought me too k-mart to look for mom. Mom was not there so i was starting to go home. Then i saw mom and dad in the car. There was 7 or more tornado's that night.

Problem and Solution

P: They where trapped in the basement.

S: Stacey came to help us get out of the basement.

P: Dan cant find his family.

S: A police girl helped hem find them.


Linda hatch

John hatch

Ronnie vae

aunt Goldie

Belle Smiley


Grandpa Hatch

Grandma Hatch