United we stand, divided we fall

This is Kentucky

Kentucky was the Fifteenth US state admitted to the union on June 1, 1792. The name Kentucky originates from a variety of Native American words, all meaning different things. Such as the Iroquois word "kentake" meaning meadow land is one word that helped create this beautiful states name.

Kentucky's Nickname

Kentucky is known as the bluegrass state because of the bluegrass found in many regions of Kentucky.
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State Facts

State Abbreviation- Ky

State Capital- Frankfort

Largest City- Louisville

State Area- 40,409 Miles Squared

State Population- 4.413 Million People

State Residents Name- Kentuckians

State Flag

The people on the seal are a pioneer and a statesman. These two people represent all the people, and by shaking hands they are acting out the motto, "United we stand, Divided we fall."
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Historical Facts

- The last Native American battle happened in Kentucky, The Battle of Blue Licks.

- Was originally declared part of Virginia, and made a state of its own in 1792, making the 15th state.

- Birthplace of Abraham Lincoln.

- Gave 100,000 troops to the north during the Civil War and only 40,000 to the south.

- The most violent battle took place in Perryville, 1,600 people dead and 5,400 wounded.