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Casey Albright

Enrique Pena Nieto

As a member of the Institutional Revolutionary Party, Enrique Peña Nieto is Mexico's 57th president. Enrique also served as a governor of the State of Mexico from 2005 to 2011. He started his term in 2012 and the residents in Mexico only serves 6 years. Mexico's type of government is federal republic. A federal republic is a federation of states with a democratic form of government. Mexico has been dealing with some problems lately due to illegal immigration, and the Cuban Revolution.

Whats up with Brazil?

Brazil is a beautiful country, home to thousands, but like any country, Brazil has its environment issues, such as, deforestation in the Amazon Basin, illegal poaching, air and water pollution, and land degradation. The trees that are being cut, produces A LOT of our oxygen. When that tree is cut down, carbon dioxide is released, which increases the risk of climate change. Air pollution has recently increased in Brazil. Brazil produces amounts of garbage, and solid wastes. When they are taken away to be destroyed or disposed, the waste poisons the soil, air, and water.
Though it may take very long, a solution would be to get some villagers to plant trees when one is taken down. For the air pollution problem, try to recycle.

Trading, Literacy Rate, GDP, Brazil!

Brazil has beautiful rivers, lakes, and oceans that come in great handy for trading, - exporting and importing! If you didn't know, Brazil's main trading partners are China (34.2%), United States (32.4%), Argentina (16.4%), and Germany (14.2%). Brazil imports Iron Ore and agriculture. Their GDP is 11,208.08 USD.

Fun fact: China imports cars to Brazil, and Brazil sells them!

Beautiful, Beautiful Mexico

Mexico is an amazing, bright country with beautiful features. Like the Central Plateau. The mountains run along both Mexico's Pacific Coast and the Gulf Coast, the Sierra Madre occidental range on the west. Another feature is the Lowland rain forests. They are along the eastern coast from Tamaulipas State to Veracruz States. It has a tropical climate and lots of plants and animals. Some place I would recommend is Tacatan Peninsula. It is covered with a tropical forest. They have limestone landscape.

Fighting For Brazil

Think way back, before cars or TV's where invented, before our wars, think back to the 16th centuries. Brazil has been 'discovered' by the Portuguese, and the governing of the land has been up to the European Union. And of course, other countries tried to gain military power, but yet, failed. Since 1808, King Dom João VI has been controlling Brazil. But in 1815, he made his son, the prince, Dom Pedro, take over.

On April, 1821, the king left Brazil in the hands of his son. General Jorge Avilez forced Dom Pedro to banish the ministers of Kingdom and Finance. General Jorge Avilez had been loyal to Pedro but yet choose to manipulate him.

September 1821, Pedro was ordered to go back to Europe and any courts that his father had created in 1801 where done away with. The Brazilion people where outraged by Cortes' actions. This had resulted as an uprising of the Bonificans (led by Bonifácio de Andrade) and the Liberals (supported by the Freemasons and led by Joaquim Gonçalves Ledo). These two groups were united only by the fact that they wanted to keep Brazil united with Portugal as a sovereign monarchy.

Word of the uprising in Brazil spread quickly, and locals celebrated the stance taken by Dom Pedro. The official breaking of ties was on September 22, 1822, only a year later.