Between Shades Of Gray

By: Ruth Sepetys



Most of this story takes place in a prison camp in Siberia and then soon taken North of the Arctic Circle in the time of World War 2 while Hitler took over.


Lina and her family are taken from their home in Lithuania and forced as prisoners, to work in a concentration camp. Along the way Lina meets many people and gives her perspective on them individually. While Line is on this "journey" through the camp she meets Andrius, a 17 year old boy who will stop at nothing to keep his mother, Lina and her family alive. When Lina and her family are deported from the camp, Lina will have to face the loss of a loved one and the though of never seeing Andrius and her father again.


Lina and her family and friends are forced out of there homes by the NKVD and put into a concentration camp in Siberia and then soon taken into a camp located towards the North Pole. Lina struggles with keeping her family alive while starving and keeping any hope that her father is still alive.

Internal and External Conflict

Lina vs herself - Lina struggles through her emotions and hate by drawing to let out her emotions.

Lina vs Andrius - Lina struggles to show her feelings for Andrius and hates him because she does not understand his situation.

Prisoners vs NKVD - The prisoners at the camp struggle to survive through the NKVD harsh behavior towards them.

Prisoners vs Harsh winter weather - The prisoners struggle to survive through the tough winter and start dying off and losing limbs from frost bite.

Lithuanian National Anthem

This is what Lina and the other people in the prison camps would sing to help remind them of home.

Psalm 102

This scripture is from a Lithuanian bible, this script was sent from someone in the camps husband. The script gives a painful expression of dying and starving. During the story Lina furres back to this script relating to her.