Blended Learning at Northview

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What is IMPACT?

IMPACT is a blended learning initiative designed to individualize instruction for student success. Funded by the federal Race to the Top grant, this initiative is focused on classrooms implementing strong instructional practices while incorporating focused digital content.

IMPACT: Innovative Methods for Personalizing Academics, Completed by Technology

IMPACT Grant Vision

1. Build learning environments that improve learning and teaching through the personalization of strategies and supports for students and educators

2. Accelerate achievement and deepen student learning by addressing the academic needs of each student while decreasing achievement gaps across student groups

3. Raise the effectiveness of educators and expand student reach to excellent teachers

4. Improve the rates at which students graduate from high school prepared for college and careers

Blended Learning, Real Teaching

What is Blended Learning?

I-SS Blended Learning is an innovative approach to teaching that incorporates designing and customizing digital technology with personalized learning to accelerate achievement for all students.

  • What is the benefit? Teachers provide more personalized student instruction
  • What does it look like? Small group learning centers
  • How does it work? BL is a strategy using digital content and resources to increase student engagement and mastery
  • How will we know it's working? Data used to drive instructional practice and close specific learning gaps

NVIB Blended Learning Model Design

  • 100% of students achieve above average growth in Reading, Math, and Science
  • Blended Learning will help close student achievement gaps
  • Whole school implementation

BL Rubric Learning Target

I can use the BL Rubric to identify my skill sets and opportunities for growth in terms of implementation of blended learning instruction.

Blended Learning Rubric (focus for Fall 2013)

Domain 1: Blended Classroom Culture: Develops a culture that values the intention of a BL Classroom.

  • Strand A- Invest stakeholders (students, parents, fellow staff) in the value of using a Blended Classroom to achieve personalized goals
  • Strand B- Provide students opportunities to develop and master their personalized academic goals
  • Strand C- Develop students' digital ethics and personal ownership of digital property

Domain 2: Blended Learning Management: Creates systems and routines that maintain an effective Blended Learning environment.

  • Strand A- Develop routines for efficiently guiding students through digital and non-digital work time
  • Strand B- Efficiently address technology related challenges during class
  • Strand C- Support students' ability to work purposefully while receiving digital content instruction