Principal's Weekly

Dr. Beth N. Choquette

Bridge Street School

2 Parsons Street

Northampton, Massachusetts 01060

413-587-1460 (phone) 413-587-1484 (fax)

Beth N. Choquette, Principal

Elizabeth Peterson, Administrative Assistant

Jordan Celino, Secretary

Nora DeJasu, Head Teacher

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A Message from Principal Choquette

Good afternoon. I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. I apologize if I've been out of touch over the past week. Late Wednesday evening, my grandfather passed away and although I know he is at peace, it still doesn't make it any easier. Grandparents are special and for those of us who have been blessed to have had them in our lives, it is the best relationship a child or an adult could ever have. I was fortunate to have had grandparents in my life for 48 years.

We were not able to hold our first Friday pick-up day this past Friday due to the weather. Therefore, the pick-up day will be tomorrow, Monday. You only need to pick-up materials tomorrow if your classroom teacher notified you to do so.

I hope you all saw the message that went out on Thursday evening from the elementary principals regarding the transition to hybrid. Due to my grandfather's services, I will not be able to hold the town halls on Tuesday, therefore, I had to change the town halls to Monday (tomorrow). Below are the zoom links for both meetings (English and Spanish).

November 16 Town Hall (English) 5:00-6:00 p.m.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 966 0100 3966
Passcode: 774504

November 16 Town Hall (Spanish) 6:15-7:15 p.m.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 961 9185 0540
Passcode: 624261

Important Information from Nurse Jessica

Emergency Forms Needed

We are still missing 102 emergency forms. Please turn them in asap. If you need another, please let us know. It is extremely important that we have this information, regardless of whether or not we are in-person or remote. Thank you!

Social Justice Corner

Madam Vice President Is a Woman of Color

This week I thought it fitting to honor all of the woman and girls out there by sharing this teachable article on the historic vote of the first woman of color as our vice president elect. I hope we all use this historic event to empower the young.

Racial Equity and Learning (REAL)

Check out the facebook page for Northampton’s Racial Equity and Learning (REAL) group to find updates regarding local events, organizations showing up for kids and families, and other equity-focused resources.

From Ms. Lilly

BSS Art Corner

Welcome to the first edition of the BSS Art Corner. My name Ms. Lilly, and I have been

the art teacher at BSS for nine years. I plan to use this space in the monthly Newsletter to

give an Arts update for one grade a month. This month I want to highlight the fifth

graders. During our first several weeks of school the fifth graders learned how to draw

cylinders and cones, as wells how to create a perspective drawing using these skills. The

students first practiced drawing two types of cylinders and then cones, creating a varied

size version of these 3-dimensional objects into a new city/planet. Their final drawings

combined the cylinders and cones into a Dr. Seuss type landscape/cityscape, and they

added some visual texture/shading to create a value scale and a 3-D appearance. Their

drawings are absolutely amazing and I am very proud of their continued effort in their

artwork. We will be moving into drawing a Self-Portrait next week with the artist,

Frida Kahlo as their inspiration.


Ms. Lilly

Second Step

Skills for Learning

We are all learners. The more we practice skills for learning, the stronger our brains will become. The stronger our brains become, the better we are able to learn.

Using Self-Talk: An important skill for learning is using self-talk. Self-talk means talking to ourselves in a quiet voice or in our heads. Self-talk can help us stay on task and focus attention. Think about what self-talk you might use if you were trying to remember directions your teacher gave you. Remember to use self-talk when you need to stay focused and on task.

Being Assertive: Sometimes when we're doing something new, we get stuck and don't know what to do. if we get stuck, we can use a skill for learning-being assertive-to ask for help. Being assertive means asking for waht you need or want in a calm, firm, respectful way. Face the person you are talking tom, and keep your head up and shoulders back. When you can't figure out what to do in class, remember to be assertive and ask for help.


Important Information-Chromebook Protection Plan

Due to a greater than expected number of chromebook repair requests, to suit the needs of the district we have updated our hours available for appointments.

  • Extended Tuesday hours, 9:00-3:30
  • Extended Thursday hours, 9:00-3:30
  • Added Wednesday, 9:00-3:30

If you need a hotspot, fill out the form on Tech: Student/staff tech needs.

If a chromebook is broken, go to Tech: Chromebook Program fill out the repair form.

It will ask if you have insurance.

  • If you say yes it will bring you to the calendar to book time to have it swapped by IT.

  • If you say no, it will ask you to pay if the description you give about the damage is one that needs payment. There is an online option to accept payments and then the calendar link.

  • The calendar link shows up at the end of the form when it's submitted. If the issue isn't something that requires payment, you'll be able to book a calendar appointment to drop it off at James house (42 Gothic Street).

Food Services