Shabbat Shuvah

Guest Speaker, Rabbi Mark Rotenberg, CADC, CPC

The Unspoken Truth about Addiction in the Jewish Community: How 12-step recovery relates to Jewish ideology

Congregation Shaarei Kodesh: Shabbat Shuvah Program

Our guest speaker, Rabbi Mark Rotenberg, CADC, CPC (Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor; Clinical Pastoral Counselor) graduate from UCLA School of Counseling and Psychology, and Rabbinical School at Academy for Jewish Religion. He has worked as a pulpit Rabbi and a clinician for drug treatment facilities for over 17 years. He specializes in Psycho/Spiritual Therapy for addicted populations. Regardless of religion, Rabbi Rotenberg has been instrumental in creating an inclusive theology to those in recovery with regard to resentments and issues surrounding their religious upbringing.

Currently, Rabbi Rotenberg is the Minister to the Community and Case Manager at Recovery Boot Camp in Delray Beach. He also leads various support groups treatment facilities. He is the lead speaker for a weekly webinar for families of those in active addiction and substance use disorders in recovery. The focus is on family dynamics of the disease of addiction; presented by the Schnellenberger family Foundation. Rabbi Mark Rotenberg works independently bringing his specialized expertise to those interested in providing his service.

This program is open to anyone interested in learning about addiction and recovery.

D'var Torah and Kiddush Discussion led by Rabbi Mark Rotenberg @ Congregation Shaarei Kodesh

Saturday, Sep. 15th, 9:30am

19785 Hampton Drive

Boca Raton, FL

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