The Unicorns Pre-K Class

An Update

This week was all about Pp. We had a picnic to celebrate Spring's birthday. We had pajama day. The children did a wonderful job sequencing the story, If You Give a Pig a Pancake. They also enjoyed eating pancakes to celebrate the day. Friday we began our P science of planting. This will continue next week and then observe what grows from the seeds.

A sneak peak at next week

Ms. Kiersty will be out next week. Ms. Meg and a substitute teacher will be enjoying a fun week with the class. Wear green to celebrate St. Patrick's Day on Monday. I wonder if the leprechaun will make a mess of our room? We will finish the letter P and then go on to Qq.

If you have any fabric that you can donate to our class, please give it to Ms. Meg. The children will be decorating a Q like a quilt. Look in the room for a classroom quilt.