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web tool update


ThingLink is a great new tool that allows you to turn static images into interactive ones.
You can make your image come alive with links, music, video, text and more.

Big image
In this image of the Wright brothers' first flight there are links to a YouTube video clip, a Wikipedia page entry, text box facts about the brothers, and a piece of music inspired by them. These links appear when the mouse is hovered over the buttons on this page:

Uses for ThingLink:

By teachers:
  • to engage students at the beginning of a unit
  • to share information throughout a unit
  • to summarise what has been learned at the end of a unit

By students:

  • to demonstrate prior knowledge at the beginning of a unit
  • to gather resources in one place
  • to present research findings
  • to assess what they have learned during the course of a unit

Curriculum Uses for ThingLink:

Explore learning through:
  • book covers or movie stills (English)
  • photos or maps (Social Sciences)
  • recipes or food products (Food Technology)
  • websites or documents (ICT)
  • plans (Engineering)
  • graphs or charts (Mathematics)
  • artworks or artists (Visual Arts and Graphics)
the possibilities are endless...

For more information or help with this tool come and talk to me.

Stephanie Ellis (B.A., Dip. Tchg)