You Have The Energy...To Conserve!!

Lena Martens

Energy Is Pretty Much Everywhere

Energy is the most basic part of our universe. We use energy to work. Energy lights our cities, warms our homes, cooks our food, plays our music, and gives us pictures on the television. Energy gives factories, tractors, our vehicles, trains, and planes the power to work and take us places. Energy from the sun gives us light during the day. Plants store energy from the sun, and when these plants are eaten the energy is transformed. Predators eat their prey who ate the plants, and then they receive energy.

As you can see everything we do is connected to energy, but little do we know that we are wasting this energy. I've done some research on how we can use energy wisely. The links are posted below.

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To make sure we have enough energy for the future, we must conserve energy and use it efficiently. All sources of energy have an effect on the environment. Worries about the greenhouse effect, air pollution, and global warming have increased more development in renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power. Until newer and better technologies replace them, we will still be needing these fossil fuels and renewable energy sources.

The future is in our hands, but we need the energy to get there.