The Brave Beat- November

ICMS November Newsletter


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AM/PM Drop Off & Pick Up

Parents who are dropping off or picking up a student before or after school must do so in the lower high school parking lot.

AM: Students must be dropped off in the high school parking lot and utilize the cross walk across from the main high school entrance. Students may enter the high school and walk through the cafeteria or walk along the front sidewalk, then enter through the middle school.

PM: Again, students must be picked up in the high school parking lot. Students may utilize the cross walk across from door 5N, near the middle school main entrance.

The middle school parking lot will not be utilized for pick up or drop off before and after school in any format.

Veteran's Day

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Sign Up for academic Superbowl

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Attention 8th Graders- It's time to register for Washington DC!

This is an incredible opportunity that we hope you'll take advantage of along with your classmates. If you're considering going on the Washington DC trip in May, please see Mrs. Wilcoxen for more details.
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6th Grade Math- Mr. Appleton

We will be continuing with algebraic expressions for a couple more weeks. This skill is imperative to future success in math class.

This month will also find us studying the coordinate plane. Students should be able to locate the point of origin, the “x” axis, and the “y” axis.

They will also be able to plot points on the coordinate plane from an ordered pair. (x,y) They should be able to place integers correctly on each axis. They will be asked to reflect a point over a specific axis. As a general rule this section of the 6th grade curriculum is easier than most; but it is vital to the subsequent lessons with slope and linear equations.

Veteran’s Day is this month. Take the time to talk with a veteran and ask him or her what math skills were used to be a good soldier. Ask what math is needed to be prepared for a career in the military.

6th Grade Math- Mrs. Ramey

It is hard to believe that it is already November and we are almost halfway through our second nine weeks! We just finished up our unit on the Number System and are moving onto the Coordinate Plane. We will also talk about Mathematical Properties and the Order of Operations. Order of Operations is an important skill that will be used in all future math classes. Students should be bringing their math binders to class every day. ALL notes should be stored in order in the binder. Not only are the binders a grade, but they get to use everything in it on all quizzes! Ask your student if they have made the "Math Masters" board. I am proud of all the hard work I have been seeing lately!

6th grade social studies- Mr. Stanifer

In November 6th Grade Students will be involved in studying ancient Rome. This unit will not include a test at the end but instead have a series of three smaller vocab quizzes within the unit. After the conclusion of this Unit November 17th we will begin looking at Modern day Europe and especially start looking into our Europe map and focus on countries and regions of Europe. December 9th will be the date for the Europe map test, please study and be prepared.
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Art- Ms. Sandberg

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Counselor's Corner

Reality Store

On Friday, Oct 21st all 8th graders and Mrs. Hogues Essential skills class were able to participate in our Real Life ICMS event. We had community members, local businesses, and parent volunteers run different booths. Students learned how to budget and spend money on all necessary items for an entire month. Some of my favorite quotes - "Adulting is hard", "Do I have to buy a car?", "How do you do this?!?!" I hope your students came home and shared with your their checkbook registers and their though process behind their purchases. I was so proud of our kiddos and how they interacted in the store.

Body Safety Curriculum

On November 8th, students will listen to a virtual guest speaker, focusing on the topic of body safety. The links below expand upon what can be expected from this program. Please click on the appropriate links for more infomation.

World Kindness Day

Let’s spread some kindness on November 13th! “When we are empathetic and kind, it can improve confidence, happiness, and overall optimism. And when others experience or witness our kindness, it may encourage them to do some good of their own.” states

Look for ways for you and your child to share a kind deed together. A few ideas are: volunteer at a local food bank, make a baked goodie for a neighbor, write sidewalk chalk messages, make cards for emergency responders, give a compliment to a stranger, or share how others have been kind to you.

Thanksgiving Meal Resources

Johnson Co Banquets, Inc will be offering a free Thanksgiving meal on Nov. 24th from 11am-1pm. It will be a drive-thru format located at Scott Hall (address: 250 Fairground St, Franklin, IN).

First Mt Pleasant Baptist Church (952 IN-44, Franklin, IN) will be offering meal prep food baskets for Thanksgiving. Call 317-736-6757 for more info.

Nineveh Christian Church (1261 County Rd 775 S, Nineveh, IN) will be offering Thanksgiving assistance. Call 317-933-3514 for more info.

The Refuge, Inc. (1150 S Park Dr, Greenwood, IN) will be offering Thanksgiving food assistance. Call 317-889-7338 for more info.

Gleaner's Volunteers

Gleaners Mobile Food Pantry will distribute food on the 3rd Wednesday of each month from 4:00 - 6:00 p.m. in the lower parking lot at ICHS. Everyone is welcome! We are always in need of volunteers as well. If you and/or your student, family, friends, sports, or church group would like to help, please contact Kate Taylor at 317-373-4134 or

Nurse's Update

Christmas Help:

If your family is in need of some Christmas assistance, please call Jill Lawalin, Health and Wellness Director, 317-878-2108. Please contact her by Monday, November 14th.

November Menus

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