Dance Careers

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Profesional Dancer

  • To become a professional dancer you need to always work hard, stay physically fit, stay on a strict diet, and stay on rigorous exercise routine.
  • No educational degree is needed to become a professional dancer but you can get a Bachelor's or master's degree.
  • There are currently 25,800 jobs on market and the average salary is $16 an hour.

  • Characteristics you need to become a professional dancer are: creativity, teamwork, persistence, Balance, knowledge of the dance techniques and physical stamina.

Dance Teacher

  • Becoming a Dance teacher consist of careful observation towards students, planning routines, activities, providing instructions, offering advice.
  • No educational degree is required unless your going to become a dance teacher for school in that case you would need a bachelor's degree and lots of experience.
  • 7,628 jobs on market, and get paid 35,000 annually.
  • Characteristics you need to become a dance teacher are: creativity, passion, patience, and organized.
  • Skills you need to be successful in this career are: the ability to keep control over a large class of people, and communicating movement to people of all abilities
  • Patience and an ability to communicate movement to people of all abilities.

Dance Therapist

  • To become a dance therapist it consists of planning and providing appropriate treatment, actively participating, encouraging clients, writing reports and reporting progress to colleagues and families.
  • Prior experience is essential, and most require candidates to know modern or classical dance. It is required to have a Master's degree.
  • Dance therapist earn between 40,000 and 50,000 a year on average.
  • Some charecteristics you need are courage, body awareness, mindfulness, and kindness.
  • Dance Therapists must be mature in attitude, and should possess excellent interpersonal and communication skills.