"Inspiring Greatness in Tomorrow's Leaders!" 9-18-15

Think Win Win, Synergize and Yee-Haws!

"I truly enjoyed visiting Solana Ranch today...the classrooms looked terrific, and the students were engaged and showing great leadership skills. Walking classrooms at SR is an uplifting experience. Solana Ranch is an awesome place to learn!


Terry Decker


  • Dawn's scan came back 100% clear...She is officially cancer free! Yeehaw!
  • Terry, Sabrina, Carlos, Katy, Cara, Julie, Stephanie, Rebecca, Lisa, and Caroline for great presentations at the District Strategic Plan. We are so fortunate to have such passionate, intelligent, and dedicated leaders.
  • Monica and Melanie for doing all of the behind the scenes work to make for a really well-run day!
  • Board Member Debra Schade and Julie for visiting our awesome STREAM lab on Wednesday.
  • Bix, Carrie, Ellen - for attending the District's Strategic Planning.
  • Cara and Katy for sharing assessment information at Wednesday's Leadership Meeting.
  • Ellen, Lindsay, Rob, Bix, Brittany, Jennifer, and Jojo for their attendance at this AM meeting.
  • Mary for facilitating our students' first Leadership Council meeting.
  • Great job Kristy, Kiki and Lyn for getting all of the EL testing done, and done well!
  • Regina, Terry, and Shaina for meeting after school to help with the Lucy Calkins writing portion of the Strategic Planning.
  • Thank you Mark for getting the AC and internet going on Monday!
  • Thank you Cara, Katy, Kelsie, Lisa owen, Stephanie, and Angie for all of their staff development efforts for the 21 collaboration days that will be coming soon.
  • Kelsey and Lisa Owen for meeting with our 18 new teachers in the district for BTSA.
  • Ivan for putting together the large lunch carts and hanging up more flags in our entry- way.
  • Kimberly and Shaina for both attending a previous student's SST this week to offer ideas and strategies.
  • So many high level uses of technology - e.g. Google classroom, Blogs, Skype, Educreations, and so much more!
So many wonderful examples of shared leadership and collaboration at our site. Keep up the GREAT work.


Put First Things First

  • SST Brainstorming Meeting - 8:00 Monday Morning for all who are interested.
  • School photos on Tuesday.
  • Staff Meeting on Wednesday - Time will be given to synergize on Leadership Notebooks and Student-Led Conferences, so bring your ideas!
  • Lisa Owen is our District's Inclusion Specialist. If you need any help or support with including students who have IEPs in your class, please reach out to Lisa. She is a GREAT resource!
  • Parent Internet Safety Meeting Wednesday, 5:30 – 6:30 PM – MPR. We'll be providing Child Care for School-Aged Children. Please promote in your communications with parents (details in the Weekly Communication).
  • Speaking of Weekly Communication, be sure that you are signed up so that you get a weekly email. It's good to be in the know of all of the things that are happening at our amazing school.
  • Great Solana Ranch Video: https://vimeo.com/136358092
  • Friday Assembly
  • Happy Birthday Jojo on 9-28!

Enjoy your weekends! Please don't forget to Sharpen the Saw.

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Who Am I?

Favorite Color: Sapphire Blue
Favorite Food: Cold Watermelon (right now)
Little-Known Talent: Tap Dancing
Favorite Activity to Sharpen the Saw: Sweat!
Famous person you admire most: Mother Theresa
Favorite Quote: "Be the change you want to see in the World."

Answer: Alice Prince