European Explorers

By: Nate Watkins

Christopher Columbus

- Three ships set sail with him. (The Nina, The Pinta, and the Santa Maria)

- He set sail on his first voyage in 1492.

- Christopher Columbus was arrested in 1500 due to his strained relationship crown of Spanish as well its appointed colonial administrators in America.

- Queen Isabella and King Ferdiand of Spain where the ones to finance his trip.


- He studied astronomy and navigation for two years.

- He circumnavigated the globe.

- Magellan was killed during a tribal skirmish on Mactan Island in the Philippines.

Vasco De Gama

- He set sail in 1497.

- He set sail to from Europe to India

- He sailed more than 6,000 miles

- Started with a crew of 170.

- Only 55 men returned home with him.