April 18, 2014

Star of the Week!

Our star this week was one of our new students! It was helpful to have him be the star because we were able to find out about our new friend! He is on the Yankee's baseball team, he does not like to clean up, and some day, he wants to go to the moon!!!

Reading Groups!

First graders benefit from small reading groups! We spend at least 45 minutes a day, usually more, reading and practicing sight words. Your nightly reading homework supports all the good work your child does in school! I am completely impressed with the reading growth I have seen this year!! Good job EVERYONE!!

Rainy Day Monday!!

Rainy Mondays don't get this group down!! These boys share a computer game during inside recess!! Feel free to use our Crozet Elementary account for Brainpop Jr. at home. It is available until 5 pm every day. User name is "Crozet" and the password is "star."

Monday's recess tub

The Monday tub for inside recess contains fun games and activities for everyone! The kids can choose from different puzzles, a marble maze, inside football, Guess Who and more! The tricky part is clean up! But we all help and the job gets done!! :D

Reading Partners

Kids learn best when they can share their learning with peers. You read a page and I'll read a page is a perfect way to share a book. The kids can help each other and there is always someone to say "Good Job!!"