Open-Mind Portraits

Strategy # 26

What is an Open-Mind Portrait?

An Open-Mind Portrait is a portrait that students will create of a major character in the book. There are two big parts to this strategy. First, the student will create an actual portrait of what they believe the character looks like. Then, the student will think about what is inside the character's mind and draw pictures of what they believe is going on inside their mind.

Why is this strategy important?

This strategy helps students think more deeply and reflect on a character. They get a chance to see the book from the character's perspective and consider how they have been thinking and feeling throughout the book.

Instructional Focus and Grade Levels

Instructional Focus-

Grade Levels-

Why use this strategy?

  • Focusing on the main character in the stories.
  • Recalling the appearance details
  • Review events of the story
  • Develop a deeper understanding of the text
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How to create Open-Mind Portraits

1. Students will make a portrait of the character
2. Cut out the "portrait" and "thinking" pages
3. Design the "thinking" pages
4. Share

When to use Open-Mind Portraits?

  • Books they are currently reading
  • Historical Figures
  • Self Evaluation
  • Introductions