Crayons to the classroom

They strive to enhance the readiness to learn of all children in need in Greater Dayton, Ohio, by providing them the basic school supplies that are needed Achive to academic success at no cost to the children’s teachers, families, or schools.
Rachel Blanks's 4th Grade Class

How it all started...

In 2006, a group of Dayton businesses and nonprofit organizations researched “free stores” for teachers across the United States. They learned that 38 resource centers support student learning by collecting supplies and other useful materials for distribution to classroom teachers in schools serving lower-income families.

Then they decided to establish Crayons to Classrooms. By December 2007, the board of trustees had hired our executive director. The IRS certified DC2C as as a nonprofit organization in March 2008.

Valley Goodwill Easter Seals Miami offered them warehouse, retail, and office space. This location provides over 12,000 square feet of warehouse storage, retail store space, office space, use of Goodwill’s telephone system and technology network, access to a fleet of trucks for pick-up services, and materials handling and unloading services.

they opened there doors to teachers from selected schools in January, 2009.

Our ultimate goal is to serve teachers and students in 88 Dayton area schools where more than 70% of the students live at or below poverty.