Pine Run Elementary School Newsletter

Principal's Prose

Dear Parents,

We at Pine Run Elementary are very proud of the academic achievement of our students. Test scores confirm that you are sending us children with a great deal of background knowledge and a desire to be successful in school. While a large amount of time and energy is spent on academic pursuits at Pine Run, we also provide programing which addresses the needs of the whole child. Our slant toward the Whole Child can be seen in the character traits we work to instill. The following is a list of some of the positive attitudes and behaviors we seek to promote in our children as they grow.

  • Understanding of and appreciation for self
  • Understanding of and appreciation for people belonging to all social, cultural, and ethnic groups
  • An active curiosity
  • Habits and attitudes which define responsible citizenship
  • Good health practices and an understanding of the conditions necessary for maintaining physical and emotional well-being
  • Creativity that can be expressed in more than one field
  • Recognizing and taking advantage of the many opportunities open to him or her
  • Awareness and respect for human achievement in the natural sciences, the social sciences, the humanities, and the arts
  • Abilities and skills necessary to navigate a world of rapid change and unforeseeable demands
  • A desire for continuous learning throughout adult life

With your help and support, we will continue to nurture academic, social and emotional growth in our children. By collaboratively supporting the whole child, we are promoting well-roundedness that can benefit a lifetime!

Amanda M. Mumford


Dates That Rate: JANUARY

4 - Spirit Day – Wear Pine Run Gear

8 - 7:30 PM School Board Meeting (Ed. Serv. Ctr.)

15 - 9:00 AM Bright Star Theater-Gr. 3-6 “Heroes of the Underground Railroad” Assembly

18 - Spirit Day – Grade Level Color Day(Kdg. & 1st Red; 2nd & 3rdGreen ; 4th & 5th Orange;6th Yellow)

21 - Martin Luther King Jr. Day / SCHOOL HOLIDAY

22 - 7:30 PM School Board Meeting (Ed. Serv. Ctr.)

23 - 7:00 PM Home & School General Meeting – with Superintendent,Dr. Green

Dates That Rate: FEBRUARY

1 - 11:55 am Early Dismissal / End of 2nd Marking Period

8 - Spirit Day- Wear Pine Run Gear

8 - 7:00 pm Family Bingo Night

11 - Report Cards Distributed

12 - 7:30 pm School Board Meeting (Ed. Serv. Ctr.)

15 - 7:00 pm Family Bingo Night

18 - President's Day- SCHOOL HOLIDAY

22 - Spirit Day- Crazy Hair Day

22/25 - Art Goes To School

25-3/21 - March Into Spring Classes

26 - 9:00 am 5th/6th Grades School Musical Assembly

26 - 7:30 pm School Board Meeting (Ed. Serv. Ctr.)

28 - 6:30 pm 5th/6th Grades School Musical Performance - for 5th Grade Parents

28 - 7:30 pm 5th/6th Grades School Musical Performance - for 6th Grade Parents

In CB Communication Is The Key!

Did you know that the Central Bucks School Board has a new committee designed specifically to enhance district-wide communication? Dr. Green and the CB School Board know that keeping our community updated and informed about policies and educational issues strengthens our unification and collaboration. They see communication as one important key to student success!