Finish Strong

You are SO close to the finish line! If you are reading this on Monday, then the countdown to the last class day is LESS THAN 5 DAYS away (Dec 4th)! Of course there are finals after that, but you are SO VERY close to the end. Don't slack off now; come in for tutoring, ask your instructors how you can get those last few points, and study for those finals!
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Staff Changes

As many of you know, we have gone through some major staff changes this year. First Ms. Johnnie got sick this summer and was out recovering. Then, Alejandra Munoz was accepted for another job (promotion) at Texas Tech. Then, James Cotten came on temporary while Ms. Johnnie was out. He was only here temporarily and his last official day was on November 18th. Laura Crapps came over from Student Development, and filled in temporarily for Alejandra. Like I said, it has been a lot. I know that you made connections, and then sadly had to say goodbye. This is hard, and I want to acknowledge that. Thank you for your patience and flexibility during all of this.

Finally, we are ready to move forward. Ms. Johnnie has officially retired from MCC after over 30+ years of service. She has definitely left her mark and impacted the lives of so many. She will be deeply missed. Laura Crapps has been doing fabulous and will be staying on permanently in Alejandra's position. She will be full-time in SSS starting on Jan 18th. We then hired one permanent advisor to take Ms. Johnnie/James place... her name is Kari Tingle and I think you will love her. She is a native of Florida and has been working in the greater Waco area with VOICE, a local non-profit which seeks to promote healthy lives in the people of the community. As a first-generation college student herself, Ms. Tingle is excited about joining TRIO SSS and help to help us move toward success!

Again, I know all this change hasn't been easy for any of us. But, I appreciate your commitment to TRIO SSS, and please know that we will always try to have someone here for you when you need!

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You will NOT want to MISS our CHRISTMAS PARTY this Friday (12/4)! GAMES! GREAT FOOD! POSSIBLE gifts :)

Brian Black, 2015 National TRIO Achiever

Need a study break? Watch highlights of this TRIO students that have risen above the odds and talks about how TRIO changed his life and led him to lifelong success.

Study in Spain this Summer

A group of TRIO SSS and TRIO McNair students from around the country are studying in Salamanca Spain next May 28-June 30th. Visit: Visit for the application and brochure.

In order for me to send a nomination you have to have completed the application and show proof of your $500 deposit to me by January 8th.

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Don't forget to VISIT our tutors to get ready for FINALS!!

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