My Summer

Summer 2015


This summer I went to a summer camp in Texas. There was zip line, a gravity swing, and a lot of hiking. The camp was a week long and at the end I was very drained

Outer Body Adventure

This summer I went on my first outer body trip. It was the most exciting new thing I have ever tried. The world came to life all around me.


I worked at spring creak this summer. Working was pretty good I made many friends and had fun. But the boss was an ass so I left to work at hickory, and now I am looking for a new job again.


This summer I went the gym to work out a lot. Every day I would get up early in the morning to run to the gym and then lift weights.

Water park

I went to the water park with my girl friend and family. The hole day we were in the lazy river and only did only slide, because we are a very lazy couple and do not like to do a tons.


Went to the zoo with my family and girl friend. It was supper cool my favorite animals were all the cats and the little monkeys. but it was supper supper to get to feed the giraffe


This summer I went to my uncles a lot with my girl friend. We had a lot of camp fires and ate smores a lot. We didnt fo much when we went down there but it was nice to see my family


This summer I went to the aquarium with my girl friend and it was supper good because I got to feed the sting rays. And I also found out at the alligator they have there is a plastic fake one.


This summer I had gone sailing with my girls friend family. It was so freeing and relaxing. After gone sailing with them a couple of times I decided to go get my own sailing license.