All About Me

Ailyn Encinas


About my family

I have two brothers and two sisters my two sisters don't live with me one of them live with my grandma the other one lives with here real mom . there names are silverste encinas , denisse chavez , jose encinas alex encinas and me my two sisters names are stephanie and amaya my dad is 36 years old my mom is 35 years old my biggest brother is 18 years old and my other brother is 14 years old and i am 11 years old my sister stephanie is 18 and my sister amaya is 6 years old

things we like to do

my family likes to go to Lone Star Park were alot of horses race because my family likes horses alot we have 5 horses one of them race other horses
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me and my friend

my best friend is adrianna valenzueala she is really funny and awesome she does alot of things for me and i do to
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My brothers and me

Me and my brothers like to sing alot my brothers play the base and the guitar and they sing two they learned to play instruments when they were little my biggest brother learned how to play the guitar when he was about 12 years old then he started to play the base now he is learning how to play accordien my other brother learned how to play the base when he was like 10 years old and now he knows how to play the guitar <3
Vuela paloma
Apagare la luz kike y alex

my horse

my horses name is pando he has won 15 races and lost 3
Carreras de Caballos Chule Vs El pando 1