Mon Celebrite Louis Pasteur

Par: Joshua Booth

Les Questiones

Comment il s'appelle? Il s'appelle Louis Pasteur

Quel âge a-t il? Il est 194 ans.

Il vient de quel pays? Il vient de Dole, France.

Qu'est-ce qu'il est? Il est un chimiste*, un scientifique* et un inventeur*.

Il est de quelle nationalite? Il est français.

Il habite où? Il vit dans un ville s'appelle Arbois.

Qu'est-ce qu'il aime faire? Il aime le dessiner*.

Qu'est-ce qu'il n'aime pas faire? il n'aime pas l'ecole

Quelle est sa couleur preferee? Sa couleur preferee est le noir.

Il est comment? Il est curieux, informe et instruit, travailler et sympa

Il est comment? Il est grand et gross. Il a les yeux noir et les chevaux noirs

Qu'est ce qu'il porte? Il porte un costume et un cravate* Il est sportif

Il aime quel look? Pourquoi? Il aime le look fantaisie* parce que c'est sympa.



Can clothes determine who you are

Clothes cannot determine how and who you are but it does determine how other people think you are. Sadly we live in an era full of presumptions and unacceptance like in the story "The Beggar king" a King dresses up as a beggar to test his town's love, but everyone ignores him even though he is begging for help, a while later someone helps the king unknowing of who truly lies behind the young man then becomes the prince for his generosity. That story proves people care about looks and clothes more than the person himself, in conclusion no clothes does determine who you are but it does determine how other people think you are.


How do we use fashion as an identity?

Long ago when clothes was first introduced people use clothes as a way to keep warm and alive through the winter, but through the years, clothing has turned into something more than a possession that keeps people warm during winter, clothes has become a way to measure status, if someone wears a suit the first thing someone thinks about is "Are they rich?". If someone wears a glittery dress with hopeful messages most people will think "they must be a girly girl". That usual presumption because clothes is almost everywear*,so in conclusion yes clothes is used as identity it is a way to show people who you are


Should we judge people by the clothes they wear?

*pun intended

Word bank

Chimiste-chemist cravate-tie Dessiner-art/painting fantaisie-fancy

Inventeur- inventor scientifique- scientist