September 2017

MESSAGE FROM YOUR Secondary ESL Liaisons

For the 2017-2018 academic school year, our ESL Department has a new Secondary ESL Liaison, Mrs. Teresa Santos. She has twelve years of experience in education and has worked as an Elementary teacher, Dual Language teacher, and mathematics teacher at the Secondary level. She will bring a wealth of knowledge to her new role and is looking forward to serving students and teachers on our campus.

We also have (5 ESL paraprofessionals (from left to right in picture: Lauren Burris, Alicia Lopez, Kimberly Pereyra, Rachael Kerley, and Miranda Soto) that will assist in classrooms to support LEP students.

Read our latest profiles for 3 of our DeLay Middle School’s ESL Paraprofessionals who shared their favorite thing about the district, what they enjoyed doing in their spare time, and discussed something most people did not know about them.

Featuring Alicia Lopez:

This is my first year at DeLay Middle School and with the district. My favorite part about being at DeLay Middle School is the students and staff. I am honored to work amongst such wonderful people. I have had many great educators in my life, but the one that stands out the most is my mother. She was not an educator by profession, but as a stay-at-home mom, she was my very first teacher. She taught me how to read and instilled in me a love of reading. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my husband, watching movies, reading, eating, and salsa dancing. One thing that most would not know about me is that I spent 5 summers marching with a drum corps. It is difficult to choose my favorite moment since entering the education field. My favorite moments are the individual student victories such as a student "getting" a concept, feeling confident enough to use his/her second language in class or finally finding a books/he truly loves. In five years, I will be back in the classroom teaching. I will be bilingual certified and quite possibly have a Master's degree. I would also like to have at least one child by then.

Featuring Kim Pereyra:

Hello, my name is Kimberly Pereyra. I'm currently in my 4th year at DeLay Middle School going on my 5th year. My favorite thing about being part of DeLay MS is that I get to interact with students that have the similar background as I did growing up. Listening to their stories and experiences motivates me to keep helping and pay it forward.

Growing up in El Paso, Texas near the border, I witnessed and experienced many obstacles, but there were many teachers that truly cared about their students and helped them strive for better lives. I can't really say there was one specifically educator that impacted my life. I always believed that every single educator made some sort of difference in my life. All of my teachers had different teaching styles and personalities, so they all made an impression on me in many ways. Whether it was their encouragement, patience, understanding, knowledge, or their support.

In my spare time, I enjoy any activities that consist of being in the outdoors. I also love to shop, workout (Camp Gladiator), and go to the movies.

I have an undergraduate degree in Criminology and Spanish from The University of New Mexico. I always wanted to give back to my community, therefore I interned as an adult probation technician and worked as a troubled youth counselor.

Every day is a success for me because I know I make a difference in my students' lives.

I love my job as an ESL para, but I don't think I see myself being one in 5 years. I think it is time to have my own classroom and become an educator and serve my community whether it's here in the Lewisville District or in my hometown El Paso, Texas.

Featuring Rachael Kerley:

I started at DeLay last year as a student teacher then was hired on in December as an ESL Para. I knew I wanted to continue my journey with DeLay because it felt so much like a family and even though I wasn't a teacher, I was welcomed into the family anyway! When I was in high school, I absolutely loved my US History teacher because not only did she love what she was teaching, but she was very involved in the school. I always loved how she taught and I can't wait to be a History teacher just like her! Of course, when I am not here at the school, I am playing roller derby under the name of Kerlz Gone Wild. I would not be the bubbly type of person if I didn’t get to go roll around and hit some peeps Since I entered the education field, DeLay and the people that I work with have really taught me to love what I do. Even if I’m not having the best day, the kids or the teachers that I work with always make the day a little bit brighter. In 5 years, I am hoping to already have my own classroom, teaching history, and HOPEFULLY at DeLay

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This year, DeLay Nation will continue to provide professional learning through our ESL Chronicle. In the place of Lunch and Learns, we will incorporate DeLay Professional Nuggets, which are mini professional learning opportunities that will be facilitated in Team/ Content Area meetings. To assist with our professional growth and develop, we will have two Book Studies school-wide on our campus. Each month, we will dive deep into best practices in the following books:

1. ELLs in Texas What Teachers Need to Know by John Seidlitz

2. Teaching Social Studies to ELLs by Tina Beene

After participating in this yearlong learning, there might be opportunities to receive credit of completion with Lewisville ISD. See ESL Liaisons if you are interested.


The PLUSS Model for Intervention

If you find yourself in need of creating goals, implementing strategies or interventions for LEP students, try to incorporate the PLUSS Model for Intervention to assist students with grade level content.

P: Pre teach critical vocabulary

L: Language modeling and opportunities for using academic language

U: Use visuals and graphic organizers

S: Systematic and explicit instruction in reading components and strategies

S: Strategic use of native language

P: Pre- teach Critical Vocabulary

Examples: Realia or Photos, Word Splash, Personal Dictionaries, 4 Corner Vocabulary, Frayer Model, Find the Card

L: Language Modeling and Opportunities for Using Academic Language

Examples: Sentences Stems or Frames, Signal Words, Questioning Prompts, Choral/ Echo Response, Chunk- n- Chew, Say Something, Chime- In Reading, Pass the Card

U: Use Visuals and Graphic Organizers

Examples: Illustrated Word Wall, Frozen Moment, Expository Text Organizers, Framed Outline, Storyboards/ Comic Strips/ Movie Clips

S: Systematic and explicit instruction in reading components and strategies

S: Strategic use of native language

Examples: Preview/ View/ Review/ Backwards Book Walk, SQP2RS “Squeepers”, QAR: Question Answer Relationships, Stop & Think, Reverse Think Aloud

-Lewisville ISD Intervention Resources


There are so many methods teachers can use in their classroom. Try using a few of these SIOP teaching techniques in the next couple of weeks/months.

Just Like Me – The teacher asks to stand if they fit into the categories named. For example, during a geography lesson, the teacher may call out “Been to France, seen a movie that takes place in France, taken French in school, eaten French fries.” Students automatically access their own background knowledge of the topic and feel included, since the last category will always be all- inclusive.

Musical Share- Have students move about the room while the teacher plays appropriate music. When the music stops, students share their topic of discussion with the nearest person until the music begins again.

Rotating Facilitator- The facilitator of each group is rotated so that all can share in the responsibility of leading group discussions.

Sentence Frames- Sometimes called Sentence Starters, these are parts of sentences that are provided for a student as a scaffold to assist them in completing an assignment. The Sentence Frame may be the beginning or end of a sentence or a complete sentence with a missing word. Students fill in the blank either orally or in writing.

Visualization- The teacher will model visualization by thinking aloud during a reading, telling students what he or she sees and why. Students can be told to close their eyes and see the scene that the teacher is painting with words. Then have students read a short passage, close their eyes and visualize the passage. Allow students to share their visualizations.

-Training for Teachers



Do you have any time for some professional reading? These are some suggested resources that you should consider having at your fingertips as you work with English Language Learners in your classrooms:

Beene, T. (2017). Teaching Social Studies to ELLs. Seidlitz Education. San Clemente, CA. This is an explicit and practical guide to increasing engagement and achievement in the social studies classroom. The strategies and activities found in this book are scaffolded for the vast array of language proficiency levels found in classrooms and are designed to make content comprehensible for all students.

Seidlitz, J. (2016). ELLs in Texas What Teachers Need to Know. Seidlitz Education. San Clemente, CA. This is a comprehensive and accessible resource that brings together current information about classroom practices, how to prepare ELLs for success on Texas state assessments, certifications preparation support (for those seeking Bilingual/ ESL certification), and a wealth of engaging activities.

These books will be used in DeLay Nation’s Book Studies for the 2017-2018 academic school year.


Blended Sheltered Instruction Observance Protocol (SIOP)

Audience: Secondary

Day 1: Tuesday, October 3rd 2017

Day 2: Tuesday, October 17th 2017

Day 3: on-line or live Tuesday, October 31st

Location: SSAB Medium Conference Room


Boosting Achievement for Underschooled ELLs

Audience: Secondary

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Location: LHS Harmon Campus


DeLay Campus Professional Learning Day

Audience: Faculty and Staff

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Location: DeLay Middle School


All Levels: SIOP for Instructional Aides

Audience: Aides and Paraprofessionals

Tuesday: October 24, 2017

Location: Career Center East


All Levels: ESL Foundations

Audience: Teachers who are preparing for ESL Texas Certification test

Day 1: Thursday, November 2, 2017

Day 2: Friday, November 3, 2017

Location: Timber Creek Administration Building Room 164

8:30-3:30 (This 12- credit course is also available on-line)

“Nancy Motley, Talk Read Talk Write”

Audience: Secondary

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Location: Career Center East



Secondary ESL Liaisons

DeLay Middle School

Lewisville Independent School District

Central Zone

2103 Savage Lane

Lewisville, Texas 75057

Phone: (469) 713-5191

Teresa Santos

Secondary ESL Liaison

ESL Paraprofessionals' SCHEDULE

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