The White Snake

By: Karisa


The King of a kingdom always likes to try many things. Put he decided he wanted to try the white snake, he was in his bedroom eating the supper, white snake. The King awoke the next morning and he heard many little talks, he looked out the window and there was nobody out there, except the birds on the branches. Then he realized he could talk to animals, because of that he found the missing ring of his wife, the queen. But the kingdom was becoming worried because they thought their king was going crazy.


People can never talk to animals. Also that it is good to try things and see if you would like the new things. Even though there are many doubts, just don't worry right away.


It is mostly about a king located in a kingdom with a queen. The king and queen both have servants that they blame on things. But then the king all of a sudden can talk to animals to find out the truth. Therefore, the people of the kingdom believe the kingdom is in danger, for the animals are the reason for many things.