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Being a Marine biologist

What does a marine biologist do?

Marine biology is the study of marine life, and how they react with others, and their environment.

One cool fact

One cool fact about marine biology is that you could work with sea creatures you know, and find new ones you have never even heard about. 

How do we help?

  • providing the sea food industries with sustainable food choices
  • Discovering new compounds to make medications by studying novel marine bacteria
  • Research how ocean acidification is affecting marine organisms
  • Tag and track whales to learn more about their behavior

What you need to be a marine biologist

A bachelors or masters degree in marine biology or zoolog,able to swim, and have a vast knowledge and training for new ideas and skills.


The kind of personality you would

need to be a marine biologist is a

love of nature and the ocean,

persistency, and curiosity.

How much do we make?

A marine biologist makes an Annual salary of $59,330.

How we have grown.

From 2010 to 2020, the job growth will will grow faster than average (14% to 20%).

Get hired in this field

being a marine biologist is a real blast, and if your interested in being one, there are many companies that would love to hire people in their field.Montery Bay Aquarium Reasearch institutionNational Oceanic and atmospheric AdministrationScripps institution of oceanography