Abby and Zane


Today we will be telling you about Florida's geography. Florida has lots of swamps and lots of lakes. There is also lots of wildlife and a few panthers still live there. There are two different time zones in Florida. The Everglades is a big marshland. In Florida the tiny key deer lives in the Florida Keys. Florida is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. Florida has small islands and wet praries. Florida has hot summers and warm winters.

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To keep people in Florida people can go to Disney World and the circus. When people go fishing they like to catch fish, crabs, shrimp, lobsters, and clams. They like to do deep sea fishing and surfing. Most people enjoy hiking, golfing, and even water sports. In Florida people like dancing, art! Last, but not least, they have watermelon seed spitting contests!


Today I will be teaching you about Florida's history. The first man to name and discover Florida was Juan Pone De Leon. Florida is the 27th state. An explorer named Hernando Do Soto reached Tampa Bay in 1539. Florida's oldest wooden schoolhouse was built in the 1700s. Florida was under British rule from 1763-1783. People from the bahamas settled here more than one hundred years ago! Did you know that florida residents fought in world war 2?

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Fun Facts

Did you know that Florida's nickname is the Sunshine State? The state animal is the Florida panther. Some beaches in Florida has sand that squeaks when you step on it!

The state bird is the Mocking Bird. Florida's state flower is the Orange Blossom. The lowest ever temperature recorded in Florida was -2. Florida's highest temperature was 109F. The state is 54,090 square miles. Busch Gardens has more than 2,700 animals!