Online Predotors

By Emily Roberts and Zach Drummond

Online Predators

Online Predators are not fun to have. They can be very dangerous. They can ask you personal stuff. They can even ask you to meet them somewhere. You say “NO” if they ask you to do something you don’t want to do. Here is some ways to protect yourself. There is a lot of people out there being predators. You can tell in adult. If they don’t stop you can go to the Police. The Police can track them and arrest them. Don’t hesitate to go to the Police. They can stop them.

When you play online games or even chat people that you don’t know can talk to you. Don’t answer them. You can think they are all sweat. But they are very dangerous. They can harm you.

Those are some ways of keeping yourself safe on the internet. People can be dangerous. You don’t be one of them. You should report any one who is cyberbulling. you should ask someone to stop if they are bulling you. You can keep your privcy by not sharing info. If someone you don’t know online chats you ignore them.

You can do a lot to keep you safe. There is a lot of weird people out there. Stay away from them. If you are being bulling and you cant find a way to get them away from you you should go to the website for that game.