We need your help to ban Alcohol!!

American Temperance Society

The Temperance Movement

A movement to ban the selling and distribution of any alcoholic beverages

Why you should join!!

Friday, Jan. 1st 1830 at 12am to Wednesday, Jan. 1st 1840 at 12am

United States

People should join the temperance movement because alcohol is the reason why men are beating their wives and people are showing up to work late the next day after they drink

Benefits of helping the temperance movement

You will help get rid of the distribution and making of any alcoholic beverage in the United States. You could help all the abusive relationships due to alcohol.

Important Events

1847-Maine will adopt the first state law prohibiting the sale of alcohol.

1852-Stanton and Anthony will found the new York stat womens Temperance society

1854-Gerrit Smith advocates the Temperance cause as the only Abolitionist Member of the us congress

Benjamin Rush

Civil leader and Founding father a well known supporter of the temperance movement